When a husband’s wife got put on bedrest just before her maternity photoshoot was scheduled to take place, she was understandably upset.

So in an effort to put a smile back on Kelsey’s face, Jared decided to surprise her with a photoshoot of his own. Just because Kelsey couldn’t take pictures, doesn’t mean that Jared couldn’t get in front of the camera in her place.

Posted by Life With The Brewers on Monday, 2 April 2018

Kelsey’s sister, Kiana Smither, who owns K.M. Smither Photography, was the photographer who was supposed to take Kelsey’s maternity photos. So as she wrote on Facebook, she agreed to help Jared out as well.

She wrote:

When Kelsey got placed on bedrest the week of her maternity pictures she was really disappointed because she was looking forward to having those memories forever.. who wouldn’t be?

So when her husband texted me wanting to replace her and surprise her with the pictures how could I say no?! Not only is he hysterical but he was able to turn his wife’s frown upside down and brighten her mood completely!

And that’s when Kiana posted the photos from Jared’s shoot on social media, saying, “How perfect are these?”

We are located in Kentucky – However we love to travel!! ✈️When Kelsey got placed on bedrest the week of her maternity…

Posted by K.M. Smither Photography on Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The photos were shared over 44,000 times and solicited more than 11,000 comments.

Some people said:

Love it!! Your sister is blessed with an amazing hubby! He rocked this photoshoot!!

He really did the whole shoot!!! That’s so sweet!!! My husband just would have been happy we didn’t have to spend the money.

This is the sweetest story!! I love this!! Made my day! And his wife is the luckiest that he would do something so embarrassingly sweet!! Just sweet!

I am cracking up! Love it! Thoughtful of him to give her a good laugh while on bedrest!!

I know this is supposed to be silly and funny, and I am totally cracking up, but can I just mention for a second that your work is absolutely gorgeous!!! The lighting, the focus, the vivid textures from the water! Wow!!!!

And as Kiana told Dearly, just three days after the photos went viral, Kelsey and Jared welcomed their sweet bundle of joy into the world.

The photographer also mentioned that the photos did exactly what Jared wanted them to do:

“She absolutely loved the photos! It changed her spirit completely!”

The couple, who runs the vlog “Life With the Brewers” also shared the pictures to their Facebook page. Kelsey wrote:

I continue to say I am blessed, and yet I still feel like it is a total understatement! Being put on bedrest 6+ weeks before your due date is never ideal and isn’t the most fun thing to do. HOWEVER, being surrounded by the most amazing support system and having SO. MANY. PEOPLE. That are willing and able to step up to the plate to accomplish all of the things you had planned on finishing before the arrival of our sweet boy is the most amazing feeling!

My husband has been a total rock through this whole process and even managed to get with my sister to take these AMAZING PHOTOS! That I will literally cherish for the rest of my life!! Thank you so much Kiana Whitney Smither for capturing these images of my amazing husband! I can’t wait to watch you work your magic once our sweet boy is here!

Kash Cooper Brewer. You are so loved already! We can’t wait to meet you!


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  • Lisa 2 years ago

    AWESOME! Men like that dont come around very often. God bless both of you!

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