Dad blogger Brad Kearns, also known as “DaDMuM,” is happily married to his wife, Sarah, with whom he has two kids, Knox and Finn.

Over the weekend, Brad revealed to his followers on Facebook that he and Sarah had celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary earlier that day.

He then shared a photo that depicts all the things he loves, and maybe hates, about his wife:

His post began by stating:

It’s six years for us today. I just wanted to tell you all the sh*t I love the most about her in this one photo.

The first thing I love is her blatant disregard for all bathroom etiquette. Like we have two shower heads and our own ends. When I’m not around she uses mine. I know she uses it because I can see her stupid shampoo on my side. I can only assume she misses me and wants to drop her hair into the drain so the shower fills up and I have to sprint the f**k out of there and spend more time with her. She’s cute like that.

Brad continued by telling his followers how much he loves the way Sarah squeezes the toothpaste out of the tube. He compared it to something of a “massacre,” that she will then try to blame on the kids:

If only she could squeeze toothpaste like she squeezes the life out of me, well then this minty massacre would never have happened. I want no part in it. I brush my teeth downstairs now. How do you even live like that! And as if this isn’t proof that she doesn’t know when to stop because she tries to smoosh it back in there by closing the lid.

The loving husband then went into a little rant about a staple in most longhaired people’s lives — ties and clips.

He went on to say how much he’s enjoyed spending the past six years with not only his wife, but all the hair ties and clips she’s ever used and left lying on the floor for him to step on.

Brad wrote:

I swear to god how they end up like this I don’t know. Like what kind of f**king psycho rage does she pull these out in to even rip out that much hair. Like settle down lady. You giving yourself bald spots. […]

Hair clips, what is the actual point of these little sons o’ b**ches? I don’t even want to think of how much money we spend on hair clips per year. Literally step on 16 of the f**kers a day. They’re everywhere. Bags, drawers, sinks, vanity, floor. Once I even found some in the coin part of my wallet. Like what kind of sicko commandeers their husbands wallet like that anyway.

And while it may seem Brad dislikes these things about his wife more than he actually likes them, he said the last six years with Sarah have been the “best thing in the world,” and he “wouldn’t have it any other way” because he loves his wife, and all her little quirks, to pieces.

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