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Coming home late, avoiding intimacy, not cooking for the family … these were signs George interpreted as a signal of his wife’s infidelity.

The father of five sought outside help in an attempt to catch his wife in the act. He reached out to the YouTube channel “To Catch A Cheater” to help him confirm his suspicions.

According to the channel’s description:

We set up spouses to see if they will cheat or be faithful! If you would like to set up your spouse, hit us up! We put them to the Ultimate Test!

The show hires models and actors to flirt with the alleged cheater in order to see if they’ll take the bait. The whole incident is recorded on hidden camera.

George agreed to let the “honeytrappers” set a trap while his wife was at her job as a maid. However, instead of sending her off to a client’s home, the alleged cheater was sent to a male model’s apartment, whose job was to test her fidelity.


With surveillance cameras around the apartment and the model suited up with a hidden camera on his belt, George was ready to find out the truth.

The trap was set.

After exchanging brief pleasantries, the wife got to work cleaning the house. The model employed various tactics to allure George’s wife, such as offering her juice, while chatting flirtatiously.

Things started to heat up when the model asked the wife if she knew how to iron. “Yes, yes,” she replied in Spanish. In response, the model removed his shirt and pants asking her to iron them for him, so he can have them “for work.”

George watched from the surveillance camera in horror as the pair chatted. The model continued to make lewd and suggestive jokes in English that the wife didn’t understand. After asking if she can cook, the model responded that he only eats in restaurants.

He said he wanted Mexican food.


The woman, not understanding the innuendo, replied that she has plenty of recommendations for good Mexican food. When he pressed her, “let’s go,” she dutifully responded:

“No, no. I am very busy. I have a family. […] I have children and I need to be with them.

Doing what “honeytrappers” do best, this “news” did not deter the model. As she ironed his clothes, the man came up behind her to massage her shoulders. As he was trying to kiss her neck, she cringed away saying, “watch out, watch out,” while also reminding him that she’s a married woman. He tried again:

“Have you ever been with an American man? [Well], there’s a first time for everything.”

The man got impossibly closer, asking for a kiss, as she leaned farther away, palms outstretched bracing herself against him. “I have a husband and children. Keep your distance,” she warned. He begged, “Just one kiss. Just one!”


In the hopes to get him to back off, the woman relented.

Unfortunately, rather than quell his lust, he broke his word and asked for more.


Later on, the surveillance captured the woman joining the model on the couch, where they continued to kiss. Her discomfort is apparent as she gasped:

“I am really nervous, can we have some drinks first?”

Easily agreeing to the proposition, the model led the wife into the bedroom.


At this point, George was irate. Pushing back his chair in anger, he shouted at the camera:

“No way! He is taking her! Why is he doing that?”

The show host stuttered uncomfortably that the model was merely doing his job, to “see how far she would go.” George continued his rage:

“How can I live with this woman? How is she so easy?”

George demanded to see what was going on in the bedroom, disbelieving that she would actually be so easily swayed into infidelity.

Sadly for George, there were no surveillance cameras in the bedroom. The only look they have was in the model’s belt. George got a brief glimpse of his wife before the screens went dark, implying that the belted pants are facedown on the ground.


George shouted at the host:

“My son will see this when he grows up, what kind of whore she is. I will put on Facebook so everyone can see it. Five kids … I have five kids. She is pregnant! Six kids! A whole life, and there she is like a whore. I will kill her when I see her!”

Unconsolable, George blamed the host and cameraman for letting everything play out the way it did. “You could have done something!” he shouted, jabbing a finger at them.


Sobbing, the father said:

“I will kill her. I don’t mind going to jail.”

The video concluded with a text overlay informing viewers that the YouTube channel had confirmed that George and his wife “are fine,” and that they’re “currently paying for their marriage therapy.”

There is much speculation on whether this channel has staged these setups. On the channel’s discussion page, followers debated its credibility and the morals of the show’s host, Luis Mercado:

Screenshot/YouTube Screenshot/YouTube

While Mercado frames his YouTube channel as a way to expose cheating partners, a fellow YouTuber, Ragii, attempted to make a response video to call him out, saying:

“Who in their right mind comes up with a channel to ruin relationships?”

Ragii concluded his “expose” video with an IMDB photo of an actress, who had appeared in a “To Catch a Cheater” video.


While his video is titled, “To Catch a Cheater is FAKE (Exposed) 100% PROOF!” the YouTuber offered little other proof than this image depicting that Mercado hired an actress to play a wounded girlfriend.

But hey, celebrities get cheated on, too! The lack of press on this YouTube channel lends viewers to believe that Mercado is actually recording true infidelity.

What do you think? Would you ever hire “To Catch a Cheater” to catch your partner?

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