Lindsay and Kaleb Stroud were high school sweethearts. The pair grew up in Ohio, and knew they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together.


The Strouds spent four years trying to conceive. After numerous failed attempts, Lindsay was beginning to lose hope of ever becoming a mother.

But one night, after a romantic night out with her husband, her motherly intuition kicked in when she “suddenly felt like something was different.” A pregnancy test confirmed they were going to finally have a baby.

According to the couple’s GoFundMe page, Lindsay spent her time doing everything a “hopeful mother looks forward to.”

Having children became “the most important aspect of their lives.”

However, on September 17, 2016, Lindsay and Caleb’s lives forever changed:

Not feeling well, Lindsay knew she needed to make her way to the ER. It wouldn’t take long for Doctors to discover Braxton had passed on.

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Despite the untimely loss of their son, the Strouds never gave up on their dream of creating a family of their own.

However, yet another hurdle was added to their struggles. Kaleb is a U.S. Army veteran. He served one tour in Afghanistan during which he sustained injuries that caused “irreparable reproductive damage.”


As a result, the couple’s last chance at a baby lies in in vitro fertilization. They’ve looked into everything:

Week after week they schedule doctor appointments, talk with specialists, try suggestions from friends, all of this to no avail. They’ve exhasuted [sic] every possible resource within reach leaving them with no realistic options.

And although Kaleb is entitled to certain health care benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, “the treatment needed will not be covered nor provided.” And unfortunately, IVF is an extremely expensive procedure.

According to Forbes, the average cost of an IVF cycle begins at $12,000. Add in medications, and the cost skyrockets an additional $3,000 to $5,000. In addition, as the couple’s GoFundMe page explains:

For a cycle of IVF to even be scheduled, clinics require a payment of around $9,000.

Furthermore, the American Pregnancy Association adds that “many insurance plans do not provide coverage for fertility treatment.” The live birth rate percentage for each IVF cycle lowers the older a woman gets.

For women under the age of 35, they are 41 to 43 percent likely to have a live birth, while women over the age of 40 have a 13 to 18 percent likelihood.


Because of the astronomical costs, the Strouds are reaching out to the community for help. Lindsay and Kaleb “will always be a beacon of warmth” for those around them.

The couple acknowledges that giving may not be a financial possibility for everyone, but they appreciate the time given to just read their story.

Check out the Stroud’s GoFundMe page in order to donate because, as their page says, “For years they’ve put others needs before their own and now it’s our turn to return the favor.”

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