Chris Berg is a loving husband and father of five. After 23 years, the 44-year-old man has finally reached a place in his life where he feels comfortable in his own skin.

The pressure to look great is a standard society has forced, not only on women, but on men as well. And now, after consuming a perfectly balanced, highly processed diet, Chris has achieved the ideal “dad-bod.”

Chris posted his impressive transformation photo on Facebook to show that the beauty of the dad-bod lies in letting “nature take its course.”

When I was 21 I was dangerously thin (see below). No matter what I tried I could not cover up my abs or my muscles. …

Posted by Chris Berg on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In his now-viral post, Chris explained that when he was 21, he was “dangerously thin,” to the point that no matter how hard he tried, he said, “I could not cover up my abs or my muscles.” This led to numerous women flocking to him in a bid to show their concern for his well-being.

After years of discomfort of being ogled at, Chris decided to make a major life change. He wrote:

Tired of the long stares of disgust from the ladies in the bars or random men asking me what I bench I started the journey to transform my body into a temple of health.

After over two decades, Chris added that:

I am now near a perfect dadbod… Women leave me alone now knowing that I do not need to be nursed back to health. No men ask me if I can spot them at the gym because I do not go.

Although his journey was not an easy one, he is glad he went through with it:

“It feels good to see something through…something for me.”

He beseeches other men who are unhappy with their sharp muscles or “being asked to take your shirt off by people you don’t know,” to make the life change and join Chris on his “journey to health.”

Chris Berg

He concludes his inspiring public service announcement, saying that:

I will be lecturing at Taco Bell on 4th Plain all week. Hope to see you there.

For those looking to speed up their transition into dad-bod, Chris recommends a diet of “processed breads, high fat meats, gravy, and funnel cake.” He added:

“For best results, these can all be eaten at the same time preferably after 10pm.”

Chris told Dearly that he couldn’t help but notice the plethora of “before/after Facebook posts.” His inspiration for the reverse posting came in the hopes of showing something more “relatable for most of us.”

Chris described his sense of humor as “self-deprecating,” saying:

“I will always poke fun at myself before I poke fun at anyone else. Having said that I can do that because I am very comfortable with myself and how I look.”

His self-confidence allows him to put himself “out there” without fear of negative comments. While there are some who truly don’t understand Chris’s joke, or accuse him of “pushing a ‘fat’ agenda,” many are very supportive and accepting of his dad-bod.

Chris has used his newfound fame to promote body positivity. Despite the diet and health industry making their money by “telling you that you’re not good enough the way you are,” Chris said:

“When you are confident, you can’t get controlled.”

As a father to four daughters, instilling this message in their impressionable minds was the best part of the story going viral for the dad.

Chris Berg

Chris said:

“[T]his post has been the opportunity to show my daughters that being confident in yourself, whether it’s confidence in your body or your abilities, takes the power away from anyone who wants to take you down.”

His wife, who met Chris just as he was starting his dad-bod transition, is very supportive of her husband. Chris joked:

Once she said “yes” I started adding butter to every meal. She knows a fat husband is often a happy husband and, as you can see, I am downright jolly.

He added:

My wife is very supportive with me using Facebook to entertain people. She is my best friend and my second biggest fan only behind myself.

While his children’s reactions to the pictures range from “amused” to “mortified,” his youngest two think, “Dad is the funniest guy in the world.” He adds that that may have something to do with the fact that the three of them “are at the same maturity level.”

Chris Berg

Chris, however, being the quintessential master of dad jokes, said, “As for me, I have it in my head that everyone just loves my jokes and can’t get enough of me.”

While Chris can’t read through all of the thousands of comments on his post, he did notice that there are at least “11 people who say [his] after picture is still sexy.”

He added: “Of those 11 people, six of them are women… so I have that going for me.”

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