Over the weekend, 40-year-old Lori Gallo-Bevard was having a conversation with her husband when he overdosed on heroin. According to the New York Daily News, however, both Gallo-Bevard and her husband nearly died.

Gallo-Bevard told the Daily News that she was with her husband, 44-year-old Scott Bevard, in their Staten Island home shortly before 10 a.m. when the incident occurred:

“He was talking, and he just stopped in mid-sentence. I came out of the bedroom and he was ODed on the couch.”

She and her husband had both used drugs in the past and are recovering addicts, so they happened to have the anti-overdose drug naloxone (Narcan) in their home. In her panic, however, she was unable to administer it, telling the Daily News:

“I tried to give him Narcan but I broke three bottles. I performed CPR till the ambulance got here.”

After calling 911, Gallo-Bevard then feared she would face consequences should the police have found her husband’s heroin:

“I found the stuff he used. I hit it because I was afraid of the cops.”

Lori Gallo-Bevard/Facebook

According to the Daily News, she flushed two envelopes of heroin down the toilet but snorted the last one.

Moments later, she overdosed, as well.

But thankfully, paramedics were able to administer naloxone to both Gallo-Bevard and her husband.

Now, her husband is back at work as a contractor while she’s receiving disability benefits as a stay-at-home mother. It’s unclear how many children they have.

The Daily News reported that Gallo-Bevard said she wasn’t aware of the “911 Good Samaritan” law which protects an individual from being charged with misdemeanor drug possession if he or she calls 911 for help.

She told the Daily News it was all an unfortunate “relapse” in part because of the death of her father in August:

“We were doing so good. We hadn’t used in years.”

She did, however, express heartfelt gratitude to the officials who saved both she and her husband’s life:

“Thank God I was there to find him. Thank god the cop was there when I did it. We hadn’t done it in years. It’s not worth it. It wasn’t fun. It doesn’t make anything better.”

According to the Daily News, those first responders kept Gallo-Bevard and her husband from adding to the tragic number of drug-related fatalities in Staten Island this past weekend. According to the publication, seven people died from drug overdoses.

On Monday, Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon tweeted about the frightening numbers and what he’s doing to stop them from continuing:

Although Gallo-Bevard and her husband are now OK, the opioid crisis is affecting all Americans — including parents, addicts, first-time users, the working class, the unemployed, and more. Thankfully, however, law enforcement is working around the clock to try and end the terrifying epidemic.

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