The family of FOX 2 meteorologist, Jessia Starr, opens up about her sudden death just two months after she went in for LASIK eye surgery.

Jessica’s husband Dan and two children, 5-year-old son, Noah, and 3-year-old daughter, Riley, are in deep shock and find it hard to believe that such a vibrant person would take her own life after suffering from eye surgery complications, reports FOX 2.

The widower said his wife left behind a series of video and a 30-page suicide note, which described her struggles in her final weeks.

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Dan said:

“Prior to the procedure, Jessica was completely normal, very healthy. There was no depression, there was no antidepressants, there was no underlying issue.

I want to make that absolutely clear. Jessica was incredibly normal – there wasn’t a long battle with depression. Again, there was no antidepressants, there was no alcohol abuse. There was nothing.”

Last December, Jessica died of hanging according to the medical examiner’s report, and Dan now believes side effects from his wife’s LASIK surgery caused her to make the decision to take her own life.

Good Morning America

He said:

“She looked at me and she said, ‘Dan, it’s like my eyes and my brain aren’t communicating like they used to. I can’t process like I used to. I’m not visualizing things like I used to.'”

In the video her husband found on her phone she expressed regrets after her laser eye surgery had gone wrong. Jessica said in the video, reports “Good Morning America“:

“I’m really mad at myself for doing this. I don’t know why. I was fine in contacts. Glasses weren’t that big of a deal. It was fine.”

Last October, Jessica underwent a Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) eye procedure to correct her nearsightedness.

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According to ABC 15, investigations have revealed that at least three patients have taken their own life after suffering from LASIK complications. The FDA reports that more than 700 complaints described pain “worse than childbirth.”

Dad said he sharing Jessica’s story to raise awareness about the risks associated with the routine procedure. He told GMA:

“We want to try to help somebody. If we can save one life and at least make somebody aware, even a spouse, if a husband gets this procedure, I want the wife to just watch for signs.”

The husband said he is now focusing on the couple’s two children following his wife’s untimely death.

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12 Replies to “Meteorologist Left Behind Videos Describing the Side Effects of Eye Surgery. Family Blames Surgery for Suicide”

  • Michael Bankston 1 year ago

    If I was one of the woman’s family, I would fill a lawsuit against the doctor and/or company.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I am so very sorry for their loss. Truly sorry. I believe there was more to her mental state than just results of eye surgery. I am not suggesting it did not contribute to whatever was going on with this young woman. But, there was definitely something more going on with her. She should have seeked medical help – it doesn’t mention that she did.

  • ALC 1 year ago

    Author needs to do some research first. LASIK & SMILE are 2 different types of laser eye surgery. Which did she have? Journalistic schooling is in the toilet.
    Was she going back to the doctor and complaining? Was she getting follow up? Did she then go to a neurologist? A therapist? Something? I think there were mental issues before and were made worse after treatment.

    To say “3 people committed suicide” after this (or was it Lasik?), well finish the conclusion. How many people have had this procedure? In what time period are we talking? 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 10 years, 20 years? Are these people having Lasik or Smile? Again, 2 different kinds of eye surgery; cant combine them.
    Instead of repeating what the FB or Twit screenshots say, expand the story & include research.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    If you paid attention to the story they say she saw countless doctors and was given countless medications and even saw a therapist for her situation. Since she had no depression or mental Issues prior to the procedure it seems pretty obvious to me where to attribute the blame for her ultimate death. It’s just very sad and I know the doctors are going to deny it up one side and down the other trying to cover their asses.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I considered lasik years ago, but after my car mechanic had it done and his vision became worse I researched and read where what should be a pretty straightforward surgery can end up causing horrific pain, loss of vision, a condition where the eye and brain are not connecting properly and tragically there have been suicides. There is a saying in the medical profession. It’s called CYA (Cover Your Ass) of which they do well. They should stop this surgery until more investigation can be done.

    • Lw 1 year ago

      While it is certainly presented that there is an extreme issue following the procedure, I would say that ANY surgery can yield such results for a person. Whether it’s a reaction to drugs or the outcome, you could be that one in a million anomaly. This story is very very sad, and I truly feel terrible for these people experiencing this pain, however, as someone who had LASIK at around 25 years of age and still going strong- vision and all- I’m so happy I had the procedure. It really improved my life.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    A friend of ours also committed suicide following a botched LASIK surgery. A mistake was made in setting the machines due to someone’s carelessness. It caused his eyes to not work together, basically opposite of each other, he had severe headaches and had to put drops in his eyes every 2 hours around the clock causing him to become sleep deprived. He even went to England to specialists who couldn’t fix the damage. Before his surgery he also had no issues at all with depression and was one of the kindest, most generous people I’ve ever met. I think there may be more cases of suicide following these types of surgeries than we know.

  • Grateful for the article 1 year ago

    Wow thank you for the article I will not be getting this procedure I will just wear glasses.

  • Karen 1 year ago

    I think that just as with any kind of cosmetic or corrective surgery, people are going to react differently and there are going to to incompetent, untrained and under trained people doing the surgeries. Personally I am lucky enough that although definitely not perfect, I can live with my physical weaknesses and my income is not dependent on my ability to “look:” perfect. I think a lot depends on what the patient expected and of course whether or not the expectations were realistic. There are, of course, those cases where the surgery was just plain botched. People need to do more research and stop believing ads and commercials that promise perfection “at a low cost”. NO surgery is routine. There are always chances of something going wrong.

  • Lance Merlin 1 year ago

    When you have something like this done, you take a risk. She probably signed some sort of disclosure statement indicating that she understood the risk. I feel really sad for her and her family. But especially the family. I think it was very selfish of her to take her life and do that to her two very young children, who will not understand why she did this to them.

  • Dee 1 year ago

    Some people end up with TRIPLE vision after Lasik surgery. My friend had the surgery and ended up with double vision. He had to have another surgery to have it fixed. Scary stuff.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    We have done thousands of lasik surgeries. This doesn’t sound like a lasik procedure. Not sure where she had it done, but I’m hoping it was an ophthalmologist with a great reputation. I feel for her family, but I can’t believe u would take your life after this procedure. I’m sure there were many options better than this.

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