Bruce Pleskovic walked into his Strongsville, Ohio, home with his son-in-law on Monday night to find a gruesome scene waiting for him.

As Fox 8 reports, Bruce’s wife, Melinda Pleskovic, was covered in blood.

The panicked husband picked up the phone, telling the 911 dispatcher:

“I think someone killed my wife.” 

He continued:

“We’ve had people breaking in to our (expletive) house and now someone (expletive) killed her.”

Sadly, the mother and middle school teacher died from her stab wounds.

Neighbors were quick to point out that the Pleskovic family had been living through a year of cruel pranks and were the targets of multiple crimes, WKYC reports.

The incidents at their home began when Melinda busted several teens smoking marijuana in her backyard. Then, she caught four teens with shirts tied on their heads and lacrosse sticks in their hands jumping on the family trampoline in the yard, according to a police report.

Neighbors said suspicious people were spotted hanging around on their street on various occasions. One time, a group of teens ran through the family’s development and peeped into the Pleskovic’s windows while a woman was changing.

Then items in the Pleskovic’s home began to disappear — a laptop case went missing, and the family’s car keys vanished. Even more, someone kept setting off the security alarm on it. No suspects were ever caught in connection to the four crimes, which were all reported to police.

The 49-year-old mother shared the frightening experiences that were happening to her on Facebook prior to her death. According to WKYC, she told a friend in a message that vandals had “cut the cables to their security camera. She continued:

With this crap and (a wedding approaching) we are going nuts!

Her friend responded:

Somebody is watching you and they hate someone in your home.

Another friend added:

OMG they are terrorizing you! That is just sick!

Just days before Melissa was killed, someone attempted to break into their home again. The family’s pitbull chased that person away, according to a police report, WKYC reported.

Neighbor Gerald Kocan said he recently spoke to Bruce about the problems happening at his home:

“It bothered him, ya know. There was real concern about it. No one likes people breaking into your house.”

The husband placed some blame on police during the 911 call he made after finding his wife’s body, saying, “You people dropped the friggin ball.”

WKYC reports that Police Chief Mark Fender didn’t respond to calls requesting a comment.

There have been no arrests made, and neighbors are nervous about their own safety.

Watch the neighbor discuss the incident below:

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