While Dawson Willford’s wife, Jacqueline, was giving birth to their son, she went into shock during an emergency C-section.

As Dawson stood looking down at his dying wife, all he could do was remember the fights they had and all the things he hadn’t done for her.

The soon-to-be dad tried to be strong and comfort his wife, telling her everything was going to be okay. However, he truly believed this would be his final goodbye. He didn’t want her to know he was scared, so he smiled down at her and tried to pretend everything happening was part of the operation.

Posted by Dayze Fletcher on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dawson writes on Facebook that things took a turn for the worse—but he had to be strong:

“They called a ‘Code Blue’ and people started rushing into the room. She was shaking so much! I kissed her and asked God, ‘Please don’t take her home.” I thought about all the times I missed church at Way of Life. I thought about how to tell my new family the bad news.

I had to be strong for my family. I had to put the weight upon my shoulders and walk with this load of having my wife pass in the operating room. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to pray because I thought God would shun me for not being a good Christian.”

Yet, Dawson prayed anyway, hoping God would answer his last request.

Jacqueline, however, had just lost a liter of blood in seconds. Doctors called another “Code Blue.” Dawson, paralyzed by fear, knew his wife was dying in front of him. He questioned why he wasn’t more diligent in praying every night:

“I watched helplessly as they tried to save my wife. People were running and pushing me farther away from her. She finally uttered a word and it was like the room went silent. She asked for some water and I knew she was leaving earth.

They took me and my newborn son to another room. As we were walking I saw my mom and family. I wanted so hard for someone to hold me.”

When his family asked how Jacqueline was, all Dawson could do was shrug his shoulder and say “I don’t know yet.” He knew he was lying; but his wife was in pretty bad shape and he was trying to be strong.


Dawson asked to see his wife again. The nurses reluctantly said yes and on his way down the hallway, Dawson broke down:

“I was scared to walk back and hear the news. I wanted my dad to comfort me! I’m still his little boy! I had around 30 something yards to walk and God spoke to me.

Gabriel my son I love you more than you can imagine. I heard you and I was there! I saw the C-section. I helped the doctors find the problem. I saw when she hemorrhaged and made sure they caught it really quick. I was waiting for you in this hallway when you wanted your father. It’s okay to call on me. I will always love you. Just as you asked to save your wife, I’ve been asking my father to save yours.

From that moment on, Dawson knew things were going to be different:

“I walked with more love in my heart for everything in that moment,” he writes.

And with that, his wife’s condition miraculously improved.

“My wife and son are doing great and will be discharged Sunday.”

Jaqueline’s blood pressure spiked during her C-section, causing her to go into shock. She tells Independent Journal Review that she remembers feeling everything and shaking uncontrollably.

Image Credit: Jacqueline Willford

Jacqueline admits she had no idea just how bad of a situation she was in until Dawson told her hours later:

“I didn’t think I was dying at all. It was supposed to be a normal birth, we were in the hospital for 26 hours. I was in labor for almost a week before my water broke. I think it was around 9:00 p.m. I tried to push because I was dilated nine-and-a-half centimeters and [the doctors] tried to help me but he wasn’t coming out. I had 103-degree temperature and [the doctors] said they needed to get the baby out, I remember crying that I didn’t want a C-section.

Adding that her husband’s emotional message isn’t typical:

My husband doesn’t publicly write his emotions ever, ever! He’s ex-military, they ball up their emotions and that’s just how they are. The experience, he’s always been compassionate, but now he is more vocal about it and more appreciative of the things that he has.”

Dawson concludes the story about the day he almost lost his wife but found his faith: “If you see me at church, don’t ask me where I have been. Just say I’m glad to see you’re home!”

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