Anna Lind Thomas is a humor writer behind the blog, Hahas for Hoohas, a website relating to women about the highs and humorous “lows” of life.

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Posted by HaHas for HooHas by Anna Lind Thomas on Monday, December 19, 2016

While Thomas regularly makes other people laugh through her posts and videos, she recently revealed that when it comes to her degrading herself while her husband is in earshot, the results aren’t always so funny.

As reported by The Stir, Thomas explained in a Facebook post recently that as a humor writer, self-deprecation is a natural part of the experience, but sometimes it can go a little too far.

Thomas shared with viewers that she was faced with one of the most unflattering photos she had ever seen of herself, thanks to her toddler managing to open the photo album on her iPhone:

“Have you ever seen a photo of yourself where it’s so shocking you have an identity crisis? I just saw this photo and I thought ‘there’s just no way that’s me.'”

Thomas described in detail why she was horrified by the woman staring back at her:

“This was more than an angle. I can’t put it into words. It was round, rotund, boobs down past my waistline, thighs like oak tree, hair like a Brillo pad, and I had a sour look on my face.”

The photo had been buried somewhere in between images, making its first-time discovery all the more shocking.

But, as she continued, she realized that she wasn’t just being funny — she was tearing herself apart:

“I’m a humor writer, I am self-deprecating, and it is one thing when you are making jokes about yourself you don’t take too seriously but there’s another when you’re really just disgusted with yourself.

What adds insult to injury is that I thought I looked good that day.”

Lind marveled at the photo before calling her husband to come bear witness to the perceived monstrosity.

Posted by HaHas for HooHas by Anna Lind Thomas on Saturday, March 25, 2017

Now that she had an audience, Thomas punished herself further, suggesting the camera caught morbid obesity and that she and her husband should be thankful no one ever had to cut out a wall in their home so she could escape in the event of an emergency.

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Posted by HaHas for HooHas by Anna Lind Thomas on Thursday, July 20, 2017

Perhaps in front of a different crowd, Thomas would have been encouraged to keep slinging the insults, but her husband was another story. He was not laughing.

In fact, he couldn’t keep listening to her rant so he stopped her (emphasis added):

“I need you to do me a favor. Don’t ever talk about yourself, like that, in front of our girls, again. Because they’re listening.”

Thomas instantly ceased berating herself. She then realized the gravity of her words when she saw her two-year-old looking directly at her.

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Posted by HaHas for HooHas by Anna Lind Thomas on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The moment had her vowing to never speak that way about herself ever again — whether or not anyone was listening.

As Thomas explained:

“When our babies see us we are the most beautiful thing to walk the Earth, and if we’re disgusted with ourselves and think that we are way too gross to wear a swimsuit, or way too fat or our cellulite is disgusting… they’re going to look at the most beautiful woman in the world and say to themselves, ‘If she thinks she’s ugly, what am I?'”

No doubt Thomas will be around for a long time making other people laugh. But next time it won’t be at her — or her body’s — expense:

Rob called me out and I'll never be the same.

If you've been guilty of this, lets make a pact – me and you – today – to never do this again. Hit me with some praise hands!

Posted by HaHas for HooHas by Anna Lind Thomas on Monday, July 24, 2017

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