Mother of two Sabrina Clendenin is a big fan of “Family Feud,” so her husband didn’t bat an eye when she asked him to sit in front of a camera and film an audition tape for the show.

Little did he know, she was actually preparing to catch his reaction to some big news on video, according to People.

Sabrina Clendenin/Facebook

Sabrina and her husband, Jordan, already have two beautiful daughters together. But on October 27, the mom found out that she was pregnant with their third child.

That’s when she decided to fake an audition tape as a way to tell her husband the news. She told People:

I knew he would have a great reaction because, at first, I didn’t want to have another baby. I was just happy with two, and to be honest, I did suffer from a bit of postpartum depression. I didn’t want to have another just in case it happened again.

According to The State, Sabrina sat her husband down in front of a camera and, after pretending to go along with the audition for a few minutes, she shyly hinted to her hubby about her news. The mother of two looked at Jordan and said:

“Why I think we should really be on? Because I think they like pregnant people on, like when they’re showing.”

The surprised husband immediately looked confused and asked, “You’re pregnant?”

The mom-to-be quickly pulled out a pregnancy test to show her husband, who threw his arms up in the air out of excitement.

The touching moment has received more than 600,000 views, according to The State. But Jordan isn’t loving the spotlight.

Sabrina wrote on Facebook:

“Jordan Clendenin hates to be the center of attention so I’m getting a little kick out of this lol. This is the 10th news station to reach out and I’m sure his anxiety is through the roof. Never thought it would get big like this.”

No word yet if casting agents over at “Family Feud” spotted the viral audition tape. Watch the video below:

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