Two years ago, 36-year-old Donna Ormondroyd collapsed in her home from a heart attack. Lack of oxygen led to a brain injury that left Donna in a vegetative state and in need of constant care.

Now, she’s back at home with her husband and children — and her husband’s new girlfriend.


As The Sun reports, the mom of four from Bradford, U.K., remains confined to a bed and unable to communicate. For nearly two years, she has needed around-the-clock care. And that’s how Donna’s husband, 31-year-old Gregg, met Anne Robinson.

The 32-year-old Robinson worked as Donna’s nurse. As she and Gregg spent more and more time together, romance blossomed.

Now, Robinson has quit her job and moved in with Gregg, Donna, and their children. The couple insists that the arrangement is actually to Donna’s benefit. In an interview on “This Morning”, Robinson said:

“Donna’s always going to get the best care being at home. She has 24-hour care. She has a nurse or a carer at the side of her at all times. […] It also means her children can get up in the morning, go down and say morning to mummy.”

Gregg agreed, telling “This Morning” that while he understands that the situation looks strange from the outside, having Robinson living with them is an improvement for everyone:

“It’s a very happy environment. The kids need to be with their mum. I think it’s every child’s right.”

While the couple says they told family and friends about the arrangement before Robinson moved in, not everyone supports their decision. Several of Donna’s family have asked lawyers to defend Donna’s rights. One family friend told The Sun:

“It’s been bad enough that Donna went from a bright and bubbly young mum to someone who needs 24-hour care overnight. But the fact that Gregg has started a relationship with someone who was nursing Donna, and Anne has now moved in, is very upsetting for her family.

It is going on under the noses of Donna and her children and Donna is not in a state to challenge it.”

Many of those who watched Gregg and Robinson discuss their relationship on “This Morning” agreed that it was disrespectful to his wife.

Gregg, however, disputes that he is dishonoring his marriage. According to Kidspot, he told “This Morning” that his new relationship occurred after his wife was already “gone”:

“[W]hen this happened it was apparent that Donna had gone. Although she is alive she has no mental capacity. I grieved a long time ago.”

He added that he believes Donna would even support his new romance:

“She would want the best for her children and she would want me to be happy.”

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