Sometimes an accident can lead to wonderful things.

In this case, a husband’s misjudgment and quick thinking led to a major life change for his wife. User flubby1982 took to Imgur to explain how a pair of pajamas caused her to jump-start her health journey.


He started off by explaining that after 20 years of happy marriage, three kids, and full-time jobs, the pair had “really started to let [themselves] go.” However, after cutting down on his snacks and a “Crunchy Peanut Butter” addiction, he was able to get back into shape.

His wife, however, was “never really interested.” He explained:

While I love my wife dearly, I just didn’t know how to approach her on this. She would say things like “I don’t need to go to the pool with you and the kids because I don’t want the judgy eyes of women wondering why you are married to me.” And that just made her depressed and eat more. I just never knew how to break this cycle.

He was quick to acknowledge the added struggles his wife endured post childbirth saying that males “would have died out as a species” if they had to go through what women do during labor.

However, one Christmas, a well-judged present helped give his wife the motivation she needed to get healthy. She had hinted she wanted a new set of pajamas for the holiday. Upon reaching the store, he panicked when he realized he actually didn’t know his wife’s clothing size. Although he had a guess, he decided to get something a tad smaller “just in case.”

When Christmas rolled around, his wife opened up the gift with utter delight. She checked the tag, and her eyes lit up when she saw the size. She questioned:

“Do you honestly think this is my size?”

Before panic could overtake him, the husband remembered his grandpa taught him to “ask if she lost weight” when a woman appears mad. So he brilliantly replied:

“I thought you are size “X”, but you look like you have been loosing [sic] weight and when I held this up it looks like it would fit perfectly.”

His quick thinking had just the right effect on his wife, who tearfully told him that:

“It means a lot to me that you see me like that because I sure don’t.”

Rather than return the pajamas, she spent the following five years getting her life back on track. And now, her husband describes her as “smoking hot (way too hot to be married to me now!).” Even after five years of hard work, she tells him she exercises so “I can actually be as hot as my husband thinks I am.”

The couple is happier than ever, and followers of the story were quick to share their own comments on his smart purchase. One user acknowledged the husband’s comment was, “the greatest save in world history.”

Another sweetly wrote:

My wife sees stretch marks, baby weight and extra skin. I see courage, commitment and the sacrifices she made to give me the family I love.

And, as another commenter accurately summed up: “Happy wife, happy life.”

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