In 2016, John used his drone to follow his wife of 18 years, Donna, on her walk to work one day. It was that same day John learned Donna was cheating on him.

The video, which John posted online, showed the moment his wife kissed another man inside a black SUV. It also revealed the raw, emotional reaction he had to seeing 18 years of love and commitment lost.

Inside Edition

The video has since been viewed over 13 million times, and a year after it was posted, John sat down with “Inside Edition” to talk about the moment he learned of his wife’s infidelity. He said:

“Eighteen years is a long time, which is why I was so angry. Why is she doing this? Why is she doing this to us?”

He described the moment he confronted Donna about what he caught her doing. John told his wife that she messed up and that as far as he was concerned, their marriage was over:

“She was crying her eyes out and I’m yelling, ‘You don’t get to cry. Why are you crying? I’m the one that should be crying.'”

Meanwhile Donna, who spoke out for the first time since the video went viral, told “Inside Edition” that her affair was only in the beginning stages and that she never planned to let it go any further than a simple “flirtation.”

Inside Edition

She told “Inside Edition” that she was shocked to learn John used a drone to catch her in the act:

“I was shocked. I know he has a drone. I never thought it would be used against me.”

At the time, Donna told John that she had only met up with the man in the SUV two or three times and that they had never been intimate with each other — they had only shared a few innocent kisses over time.

However, John didn’t believe her and forced Donna to move out.

As time passed, John began thinking of his wife more and more. Soon enough, the empty spot on the couch where she used to sit became too much to bear. He told “Inside Edition”:

“I’m looking at an empty spot on the couch and I’m thinking, ‘I miss her, I really, really miss her.’ So I feel like I can give her another chance, give us another chance.”

John eventually contacted Donna and asked her to move back in with him. The couple is still married and is hoping to make their relationship work again.

Inside Edition

John thinks the very thing he used to catch Donna cheating on him is the very thing that saved their marriage. He explained:

“If I hadn’t sent that drone up, I believe things would have gotten more intimate. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, doesn’t mean it has to be the end of everything. People do deserve second chances.”

Donna said she’s truly sorry for the emotional pain she inflicted on her husband, adding that she loves him so much.

Watch the video below:

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