A Pennsylvania hunter makes an unlikely rescue when he crosses a frozen lake to help a stranded deer on Saturday.

As WNEP16 reports, hunters Josh Davis and Ed Schmalzle noticed the deer struggling to stand nearly 100 yards away from shore when they came up with a rescue plan.

The rescuers began their mission by going to a nearby campsite grabbing a boat, some rope and returning to Greeley Lake.

Davis made his way across the ice before lassoing up the buck and bringing him back to shore.

Jeffrey Sidle, hunter and photographer, was able to capture the moment and share it on Facebook.

He wrote:

I played a small part in the rescue of an 8 point buck that hand wondered out onto the ice of a local lake this morning, fell and couldn’t get up. The video is a little long but worth the watch. There was over 100 yards distance between the shore and the deer. The guy in the boart did have a life jacket.

Davis believes the animal must have made it out across the icy lake, fell, and was unable to get back up. He noted how thin the ice was during the rescue.

He said:

“Even with the boat distributing my weight, the boat was still cracking the ice up.”

Once Davis was pulled back to shore, he and Schmalzle let the deer run off. He felt that it was better to save the deer than letting him die on the lake.

As WNEP16 reports, Davis said:

“I wouldn’t want to see the deer suffer. I am a hunter. There’s a giant difference between an animal being harvested humanely and one being left out to die on the frozen ice.”

Sidle’s youtube video of the rescue has racked up over 3,000 views. He believes the media he captured shows that hunters still have hearts and care about wildlife.

According to WNEP16, Sidle said:

“People don’t realize that just because hunters go out and kill that they’re not humane or they don’t have those feelings about animals and the environment. That’s the way we are. It captured who we are.”

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