Tyler Owens, 18, allegedly stabbed an elderly woman in her home late at night on June 9.

According to the Miami Herald, when the police booked him on June 11, he tried to explain his actions to the police:

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t eaten in four days.”

Carol Carmichael, 82, told police officials that she was laying on her recliner chair with her back faced to the front door when a man slashed her face and neck and stabbed her in the back.

She tried to fight back, which resulted in cuts on her left hand, the Miami Herald reports.

Mike Wood, a Pensacola Police Department spokesman, told the Pensacola News Journal that Carmichael was found the next morning by a family member and was rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital where she was hospitalized.

The elderly woman described the man to the police and told them he had taken her purse, cellphone, cash, and other items.

After canvassing the area, they found Owen in another apartment in the building. Officials saw new wounds on his hand while talking to him.

Owen told the police he didn’t know anything about the attack.

Police officials later came back with a warrant to search the apartment where they found Carmichael’s stolen items covered in blood, along with a large Bowie knife.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, police officials wrote in their report:

“It appeared as though Owens had attempted to hide Carmichael’s stolen property.”

Owens is currently being held in Escambia County Jail on one million dollar bond. He is charged with attempted murder charge and home invasion/robbery with a weapon.

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