Hannah Summers was 17 years old when she learned her mom, Peggy Summers, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer.

According to “Inside Edition,” following her diagnosis, Peggy underwent a potentially life-threatening surgery. She prepared for the procedure by writing each of her four children and her husband a goodbye note.

Peggy survived the surgery, so she never mentioned the letters to her family.

Sadly, a year and a half after her initial diagnosis, on October 31, Peggy’s hard-fought battle came to an end. She was 55 years old.

Hours later, Hannah and the rest of her siblings stumbled upon the letters their mother had written them, hidden in her jewelry box.

Hannah told “Inside Edition” that it’s very much like her mom to write them notes, but this one was particularly hard to read.

The 18-year-old shared her letter on Twitter:

It read:


If you are reading this then the surgery did not go well. I’m sorry, I tried my best to beat this terrible disease but I guess God had other things for me to do. Please don’t be mad, bad things happen in life and we have to learn to deal with it no matter how much it hurts. I want you to be happy and use the gifts God has given you. You will be a wonderful nurse just as you are a wonderful person. Study hard in school, don’t worry about a job. If you want to work in the summer fine, but you need to really concentrate on school. Be patient with dad, this is going to be hard on him and he will need time. You both need to lean on each other and talk a lot which is not one of our strong points but try and don’t give up. Remember you have a lot of people who love you so talk to them often (Rise, Cassie, Becky, Michelle, Holly and the twins, etc.). Use your common sense about things like not going anywhere by yourself and having an emergency kit in your car in the winter. If you can car pool to school do it, stay away from parties because they are usually bad, not all boys are bad, but most will tell you anything to try to get you to do things, try to hang out with people who have the same beliefs as you because they will make you stronger. Remember that I am still with you and still just as proud of you as I always have been. Keep God in your life and never be ashamed to let others know you love God. If you have kids someday make sure they know how much I love them and wanted to be there to see them. You are going to do great in life and I will be smiling with through all the important moments in your life. I am thankful God gave us this past year to get closer and spend a lot of quality time together. Hang on to those good memories and tell everyone you love them as often as you can. Enjoy life and live each day as if it is your last because none of us know if today will be the last. And most of all, remember that I Love You more than you will ever know!

Hannah told “Inside Edition” that each of her family members read their respective letters in private. She said she feels “lucky to have it” because “there a lot of people who have lost their parents and wish for something like that.”

She told Today:

“It was really hard to read, but at the same time it brought me a lot of comfort because it helped me realize she’s always gonna be here with me. I think she wanted to write it to make sure we all knew that she’s with us and to give us some closure. […]

I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for her to write, but it shows what kind of person she was. She wasn’t thinking about herself when she wrote them, she was thinking about us.”

The teenager wrote on Twitter that she decided to share her note because she wants others to “hug [their] parents a little closer and never take them for granted because you never know when you could lose them.”

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