In 2014, the Stockton Police Department shared a group of mugshots on its page, informing the public of several arrests made. One of those mugshots, that of 33-year-old Jeremy Meeks, got a lot more attention than the rest. In fact, his photograph went viral.

It wasn’t long before Meeks, who was arrested on felony gun charges, became known as the “hot felon.” Despite being incarcerated, he began receiving an enormous amount of female attention and, naturally, some job offers in the modeling industry.

Soon after his release from prison, Meeks, a married father of three (one biological and two stepchildren), was signed to a modeling agency and his life began to drastically change. He upgraded his home, his car, and seemingly his woman.

Meeks had been with his wife for nearly 10 years. The two, like any married couple, had been through some highs and lows, but even during Meeks’s prison sentence, they made it work. E! News reported that his wife, Melissa Meeks, told “This Morning” in a recent interview:

“People who are married, you go through your ups and downs, I thought [his modeling] was a new chapter in our lives, we’d have to get over the hump and it would be fine.”

When he began modeling and traveling all over the world, however, things began to really change:

“It was the plan [to be a family together]. [His mugshot] went viral when he got arrested. All the exposure that he got and all of these amazing opportunities that he got and this new career path he was on. He started doing a lot of traveling. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go with him on a lot of things. So, I feel that probably pulled some distance between us.”

In the interview, Melissa opened up about Meeks’s role in her life as a husband and the father to her children. She told the show’s hosts — while holding back tears — that her former life partner was much more than a pretty face, or even a “bad boy” at that:

“He was an amazing husband, honestly, when I think about it sometimes, I still get emotional … It is [still really raw.] We had a really good life together.”

In July, Meeks was photographed aboard a yacht with billionaire Topshop heiress Chloe Green in Turkey. The two, unfortunately for Melissa, seemed to really be hitting it off:

Melissa told “This Morning” that finding out her marriage was no longer what she thought via the media was “very very heartbreaking,” but she said Meeks did apologize to her for “how things came out [and] how hurt I was by it.”

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Despite that, Melissa told “This Morning” she doesn’t see any reconciliation between them in the future. Her tears suggested that might not be her choice [emphasis added]:

“I mean, honestly, you know, that’s my husband of eight, nine years. I love him deeply. I mean, I still do. It’s very hard for me when I think about what’s happened because, honestly—sorry. [Wiping away tears] I wish I still had my husband to go home to.”

She said that the two did try to work on things, but she believed his feelings were still with the woman he was photographed kissing:

“I really wasn’t too sure where I wanted to go in the relationship.”

Melissa said that Meeks still sees the kids as much as he can, insisting he is a great dad, but it’s clear her heart hasn’t fared as well with his new career and constant travel. Sadly, it seems she’s just as heartbroken as ever, even defending his character on national television.

To watch the full interview, check out the video below:

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