A good parental figure will do anything necessary for the good of their child, but sometimes, that “anything” is hard to deal with. When one grandmother in Everett, Washington, discovered her grandson’s journal, she knew what needed to be done.

According to KHOU News, the 18-year-old’s grandma called authorities early on the morning of Feb. 13, and once officials deemed the boy’s journal a credible threat, they called the school, and the boy was arrested shortly thereafter.

His journal reportedly detailed the boy’s plans to attack his high school. As the Seattle Times notes, he wanted the attack to be “infamous.”

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The teenager allegedly wrote:

I’m preparing myself for the school shooting. I can’t wait. My aim has gotten much more accurate … I’ve been thinking a lot … I need to make this shooting/bombing … infamous. I need to get the biggest fatality number I possibly can. I need to make this count.

I’ve been reviewing many mass shootings/bombings (and attempted bombings. I’m learning from past shooters/bombers mistakes, so I don’t make the same ones.

According to KHOU, prosecutors believe the 18-year-old was in possession of “inert grenades,” which he was going to fill with black powder. He also had an AK-47 concealed within a guitar case.

He reportedly previously attended another high school and left it to a coin toss to decide which school to attack — which authorities now know was his current school, ACES High School.

Upon his arrest at school, police discovered he had both a knife and marijuana on him; however, he wasn’t on anyone’s radar, according to KHOU. Mukilteo School District spokesman Andy Muntz told the outlet he was immensely grateful the teenager’s grandmother turned him in, saying:

“It really speaks to the importance of if you see something or hear something to notify the authorities. That’s what she did. It could well have saved many, many lives including her grandson’s life.”

School authorities never found him suspicious, and his friends didn’t, either. In fact, one of his reported closest friends, Olivia Fox, told KHOU:

“There was lot of shock around the school when they released a picture of who it was. Me and a couple of his other good friends are shaken up, because we know how good of a kid he is.”

After police searched the 18-year-old’s room, they found evidence pointing to his involvement in the recent armed robbery of a convenience store.

He is currently being held for probable cause of attempted murder as well as reportedly kicking a police officer in the face. According to the Seattle Times, he slipped one of his hands out of a handcuff and ran away. After falling, he “mule-kicked” an officer chasing after him.

He’s being held on $5 million bail. According to all the reported evidence and probable cause, the grandmother very well might have saved dozens of lives by immediately turning her grandson in — which, to any parent or grandparent, isn’t an easy thing to do.

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