A homeless woman has proved that danger lurks around every corner after she was arrested in Miami on Monday for trying to kidnap a little boy.

According to WSVN, Katherine Hatcher, 50, entered Swampspace Gallery along North Miami Avenue and 39th Street on March 4.

Gallery owner Oliver Sanchez, his daughter, and 6-year-old Saul — who frequently visits the gallery to play with Sanchez’s daughter — were inside.

Sanchez described Hatcher as “disheveled.” He said she claimed to be Saul’s family member and told them that he didn’t belong there. Sanchez asked her to leave.

However, as Hatcher was leaving, she grabbed Saul by his arm and took him with her.

Sanchez followed the two out of the store, WSVN reports.

He said:

“When I caught up to him about a half-block away, and I asked him to stop, ‘Let’s talk.’ Saul was, at that point, he was nervous, and I asked again, ‘Do you know her? Do you know her name?’ He didn’t know her. That’s when I broke her grip. She was going on about calling the cops, and I said, ‘I already did.'”

After Sanchez told Hatcher that he’d already called the police, she walked away. The encounter was caught on surveillance camera.

According to the Daily Mail, images from the security footage led someone to report an anonymous tip to police. Thanks to that tip, officers found Hatcher at her residence in a homeless shelter.

According to Sanchez’s daughter, investigators feel this may not be Hatcher’s first offense.

Lucia Sanchez told WSVN:

“She’s been spotted previously approaching children on the avenues is what we heard from authorities.”

Although Sanchez put himself at risk, Miami Police Officer Michael Vega commends him for stopping Hatcher.

Vega said:

“This was an example whether this man did the correct thing, and it turned out well. He didn’t know if this woman was armed. He didn’t know if her intentions were to cause harm, but he did the right thing. He got the kid safe, and we appreciate what he did.”

Hatcher is facing kidnapping charges and remains in police custody without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

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