Erin and Ben Napier co-host HGTV’s “Home Town,” a reality show where the couple renovates historic homes in their small town of Laurel, Mississippi.

The couple plays off of one another’s talents as they work together to spruce up their neighborhood.


Anyone who watches “Home Town” can tell that the pair is infatuated with each other.

However, after receiving a critical email, Erin felt the need to explain her overly touchy dynamic with her husband.

The reality star took to Instagram where she revealed the disapproving email she received that criticized Ben for being too handsy with his wife:

It makes her sick because it reminds her of men who treat women like objects.

However, instead of being angry at this take on her marriage, Erin sympathized with the woman. She continued on to explain that her husband’s touch eases her nerves when they go live on public television:

The truth of it is, being an extreme introvert complicates my job and I suspect there are more of you out there like me. Being on TV is unnerving for me, and since we met he’s always understood.

She added:

Every time he touches my arm, my back, it’s letting me know I’m not alone. He’s always right there, and then I’m not nervous anymore.

The post was received with overwhelming positivity:


Erin and Ben are very much in love, with their chemistry nearly palpable on screen and on social media.

Ben is a frequent character in Erin’s Instagram posts, where she consistently boasts her affection for him:

In fact, the couple’s affectionate relationship is a big seller with most viewers:

One Instagram user commented on the picture, writing:

The sweet pieces of affection you show one another is one of the seasons I love your show so much. It puts a smile on my face and is beautiful.

To follow Erin and Ben’s “Home Town” adventure, check them out on HGTV on Tuesdays!

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