Erin and Ben Napier are best known for their HGTV show “Home Town,” in which they renovate homes in Laurel, Mississippi.

Erin recently posted a photo online that suggested that her little family is expanding … by one.


Under a picture of the pair, with Erin clutching a slightly protruding belly, she wrote that she and her husband “have a secret to tell you.”

And turns out, according to Erin’s blog, the Napiers are expecting a baby girl this upcoming winter!

While Erin is excited to meet her little baby Helen now, this wasn’t always the case. Being completely honest, she admitted that motherhood was her “greatest, and most hated fear” stemming from seeing childbirth in her father’s books at the age of 6.

So when a pregnancy test showed her two pink lines back in May, she ran crying to Ben in a panic. Thrusting the test in his face, she asked through tears:

“What does this mean? What does this mean?”

Of course, she knew what it meant, but she needed her husband’s “huge, heavy” arms and comforting words to soothe her anxiety. On her blog, Erin described that when her husband held her close, he said:

“Everything is going to be great.”

She added that:

“[W]e cried. Ben felt nothing but joy. I was surprised by the overwhelming relief I felt. The hardest part for me was done—the decision had been made for me. I would be a mother. It was like pushing a car up a hill all this time, my anxiety about when, when, when I would finally be brave enough. All of a sudden, completely by accident, I was watching the car coast away from me as it tipped over the top of this hill, a dead weight lifted.”

Ready for what the future has to hold now, Erin is eagerly awaiting baby Helen. At seven months pregnant, Erin has been able to successfully keep her pregnancy a secret. However, it hasn’t been easy. Long shoots for “Home Town,” coupled with headaches, have made for an exhausting, albeit “healthy,” pregnancy.

At the end of her announcement, Erin graciously appreciated her husband by writing:

“Thank you for making me a mother, Ben. Thank you for your heart and your love that’s big enough to carry Helen and I both, and for holding my hand every step of the way.”

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