On Wednesday, Playboy mogul and icon Hugh Hefner died at 91-years-old, reportedly of natural causes.

The legendary company founder died surrounded by his loved ones inside the Playboy Mansion, and since his passing, hundreds of friends, fans, and loved ones have publicly expressed their appreciation for all Hefner was and did.

From talk show hosts, to past girlfriends, to people who were just able to witness Hefner’s legacy, the 91-year-old clearly made friends in people from all walks of life:

However, one person’s silence is starting to make headlines, and it’s Hefner’s former “No. 1 girlfriend” Holly Madison.

Madison dated Hefner for years and even starred in the E! reality show based on the Playboy mansion, “Girls Next Door.” Throughout the show’s several seasons, Madison was quoted a number of times wondering if Hefner would settle down and marry her, or continue to cycle through girlfriends if they decided to part ways.

Eventually they did split, however, Madison wasn’t done with Hefner yet. After publishing three tell-all books, she painted quite a vivid picture of what the world as a Playboy girlfriend was really like.

In her second book, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” she detailed sexually explicit scenes of what Hefner seemingly forced her and other women to do, as well as exposed his allegedly conniving ways about pitting the girls against one another.

She revealed that Hefner purposely made her question her beauty and worth, and would frequently punish her and the other girlfriends for breaking the many rules he set. While she was his No. 1 girlfriend, Hefner’s other two girlfriends were Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt — both of whom have released statements about Hefner’s death.

Madison, however, has not — despite tweeting plenty of times since his passing last week.

Although death can sometimes force people to remember only the good in a person, Madison has nothing left to say about Hefner, and if she does, her silence is saying it all.

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Holly Madison Was Once Hugh Hefner’s ‘No. 1’ GF. Her Message for the Deceased Playboy Speaks Loud and Clear

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