“Today” host Hoda Kotb shocked fans last month when she revealed that she’d adopted a second little girl.

Kotb and her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, first became parents in 2017 when they adopted their eldest daughter, Haley Joy.

The couple expressed a desire to adopt a sibling for their little girl. In March, Kotb explained:

“We don’t know when, but it is something that is important to me and to Joel. We like the idea of Haley [having] a sibling because she has had such interesting circumstances to grow up.”

And on April 15, the 54-year-old hinted that they’d adopted a second child with a post on Instagram that read, “Choose Hope,” a reference to their daughter’s name.

She confirmed the adoption of baby Hope Catherine on “Today” the following day.

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And in an interview with People, Kotb opened up about what it’s been like raising a second child.

The morning show host said she’s already learned a lot about being a mom now that she has two children to care for. She explained:

“My first time around, I spent my whole time going, ‘I got it! I got it!’ I didn’t know what to expect with two. All of a sudden, with two kids, you’re like, ‘Wait, baby one is crying, baby two needs to be put down. Hope is hungry, Haley needs me.’”

She added:

“I was always like, ‘I have to fix it! Here I come.’ Now I’m just like, ‘Haley’s safe. She’s good. The baby’s going to eat in a minute. She’ll be okay.’“

In addition to a bit of a learning curve, Kotb said she had to brush up on some skills that she first learned while raising Haley Joy.

The mom of two said:

“I forgot everything! I was like, ‘How do you hold the baby? How do you feed a baby? How do you swaddle?’ I was googling swaddling and — you’re not going to believe this — how to put on pajamas.”

Despite the challenges of motherhood, Kotb said that she couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome a new little one into her family.

She told People:

“I just can’t believe how in a blink, life changes, and all of a sudden there are two babies in this house. I’m just overwhelmed with joy.”

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