New internet challenges seem to pop up on a weekly basis. Some are dangerous and others are either laugh out loud funny or just plain weird. But the latest viral challenge that has the internet buzzing takes place inside a well known arts and crafts store.

A store filled with fun knick knacks for testing out your DIY skills has become a photoshoot location.

Photographers and young amateur lensmen are snapping beautiful portraits and glam shots in local Hobby Lobby stores and calling this the “Hobby Lobby Challenge.”

The challenge execution is simple and requires very little pre-planned coordination: find a Hobby Lobby aisle near you. Choose your props— like fake flowers — then hold a pose for a good amount of time. And snap away before a store employee asks you to leave the premises.

Hobby Lobby is known for bad lighting, part of the challenge is finding good angles, where you can’t see shelving and store tags. The photographer can then techniques and editing to make fake flowers look real.

Some of the artistic photos are so stunning, you can’t tell they were shot in a crafts store.

As ABC NEWS reports, Kelsey Maggart, 22, is credited with starting the “Hobby Lobby Challenge” after she and friends set up a photoshoot in the store and shared a series of portraits on Twitter.

Maggart, who is a professional photographer, said she was surprised her creative idea started a new challenge on social media.

She told ABC:

“A few weeks ago my friend said he was shooting in Hobby Lobby so we both shot there, in different stores, to compare our shoots. We live in Indiana, so flowers aren’t really an option for a few more months.”

Once she posted the portraits, social media became flooded with professional looking modeling photos taken at Hobby Lobby.

She continued:

“My social media has been crazy recently and it’s just so insane to me that I was able to inspire this many people to go out and do this shoot themselves.”

She added: “It really does feel amazing.”

Maggart started the trend in late January, but since then the challenge has now moved outside Hobby Lobby stores and into WalMart, Michaels, Target, and other retailers.

Although the challenge seems fun, some workers at Hobby Lobby are annoyed by the trend. They voiced their frustration on twitter:

If you do decide to tackle the “Hobby Lobby Challenge,” as a show of courtesy, employees request you put the flowers back when you’re done.

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