Getting a baby, a toddler, or even a young child to stay focused during a meal can be a pretty difficult task.

However, according to Feeding Littles and TLC’s Audrey Roloff, there is a simple fix to getting your child to staying focused while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Audrey Roloff/Instagram

As Roloff explained in one of her Instagram stories, her and Jeremy’s daughter, Ember, became a better eater the second they started using a highchair with a footrest attached to it.

She explained:

“So some of you might not know this, I didn’t know this until I started following the account Feeding Littles, but it’s really important for babies to have a footrest on their highchair. It makes them feel more stable and it actually helps them to be better eaters.”

Roloff continued:

“I 100 percent believe this to be true because we had the Ikea highchair for a while which did not have that and literally the day after we got this highchair, Ember started eating so much better. She was less [distracted], before she used to swing her feet, but now she has a place to put them. And it just helps her feel more balanced, she has better poster when she’s eating, she’s more stable. I legitimately believe it’s helped her eat better.”

According to Feeding Littles, a footrest can even help a child’s developmental milestones “build on one another in helping him learn to sit and eat food.”

The website reports:

Head control, trunk control, stability and alignment are all essential for motor control and coordination of the jaw, tongue and lips. In other words, for the mouth to work effectively, your baby’s body must have stability, alignment and control. This coordination allows baby to learn to feed herself, and strengthening of these muscles and reflexes eventually leads to speech development.

Feeding Littles continued to say that once a baby has solid footing, it’s easier for a child to “sit up straight and with control in a high chair.”

Did you know about this little trick?

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