Justin Evans and Jamie Chaffer met in the seventh grade and “quickly became best friends.”

Their friendship turned to romance their sophomore year of high school. Now seniors in high school, they’ve been dating ever since.

Justin Evans

The young couple has racked up tons of pictures in their years of friendship. Justin, inspired by a fear of losing their childhood photos, decided to get crafty and make Jamie a scrapbook documenting their love and friendship.


The pair spends most of their time together, so Justin had to get creative about finding time to scrapbook, often working “late at night.”

While Justin considers himself a “very creative person,” he sustained a few minor flesh wounds in the process. He told BuzzFeed News about one particularly grueling night:

“I think I got three glue-gun burns. I’m done. I’m hurt. I just left everything on the floor and went to sleep.”

He has since made a full recovery.


The injuries were well worth the final product though. When Justin gave Jamie the scrapbook, she told Dearly that:

“The feeling of love was overwhelming and I cried as we talked about the stories behind the pictures on each page.”


She said that she was “caught off guard,” for, not only is Justin creative, but also spontaneous.

Justin didn’t give the book to her for a particular special occasion. Instead, he said, “I just thought about how happy it would make her and how it would impact our future.”

Justin Evans Justin Evans

Justin shared his hard work online, and Twitter had nothing but overwhelmingly positive comments and well wishes for the young lovers.



According to Justin, Jamie is no amateur gift-giver either. He said the best gift she’s ever given him “isn’t actually tangible.”

Jamie Chaffer

He said:

I think her undivided attention and peace of mind knowing she has and has had my back since we were 12 is better than anything that the world could ever offer. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Their futures are looking bright. The pair plan to go to the same university and see where their degrees and goals take them. Jamie said that she’s “definitely excited for where the future will take [them].”

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