Remy Altuna says she was questioned about whether her outfit met dress code standards at Beaumont High School in California. But this dress code violation comes with a twist — she was called out for what she wasn’t wearing.

Altuna was wearing jeans and a black bodysuit.

The high school student said she went through her day without a word being mentioned about what she had on — she even made it by the security guards who normally point out dress code violations — but that all changed when she saw her assistant vice principal, according to Yahoo Style.


The assistant vice principal told her to put a jacket on.

The student explained:

“She said that my shirt was low cut; then she asked if I was wearing a bra. She went on to say that because I wasn’t wearing a bra, she didn’t want people to think anything bad of me or talk inappropriately or have anything bad to say.”

Altuna let loose on Twitter when her bra, or lack there of, got dragged into the school’s dress code policy:

She wrote:

BHS is so out of line. Now they want to dress code you for not wearing a bra. My underwear is none of there [sic] business.

While bras are not specifically mentioned in the high school dress code, it does specify that:

Tops must cover all parts of undergarments and shall not be low cut or revealing.

But Altuna had an answer for that as well.

She told Yahoo Style she didn’t think she needed to wear a bra with the top she had on. In fact, she would have violated the dress code if she did have a bra on because it would have been exposed.

Altuna thinks the school is going overboard on the girls in the school while looking the other way when the boys break the rules by wearing ripped jeans.

The teen, who predicts a rough year ahead regarding the dress code, thinks the administration should be focusing on more important issues, like bullying.

Another student at her high school, Larissa M, echoed Altuna’s sentiments in a similar tweet:

She wrote:

So today security heard a guy comment something sexual bc of my leggings & then tried to dress code me for it instead of talking to the [sic] him?

The school has yet to formally comment, but the school’s principal, Christina Pierce, told Yahoo she is aware of the matter.

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