Chris Gash and Jenn Sudol met their freshman year of high school.

Their lockers at Clifton High School were randomly assigned across the hall from each other, according to The Daily Journal. Since they first met until today, “they couldn’t stay away from each other.”

Though they dated in high school — a classic “messy” young love sort of deal — they broke up after a year when they “started to hate each other.” And although they went off in different directions after graduation, Sudol clarified that:

“It’s not like we ever lost touch with each other.”

Every few months or so, the pair would catch each other up on the comings and goings of their lives.

Their lives carried on separately, with both Gash and Sudol in marriages with children. However, once both of their marriages dissolved, the pair got in touch more frequently, emailing and seeing each other.

During the summer of 2016, Gash and Sudol began going to the movies together. And when during one of those screenings they kissed, Gash recalled that:

“Once we got together, that was it. It’s been like a runaway train ever since.”

Later that year when they attended a concert together, Gash turned to Sudol and suddenly proclaimed to her, “You are going to marry me.”

And the rest is history. The couple just wedded at the first place they met: their high school lockers, 28 years later.


The couple explained to that finding the lockers wasn’t easy, as the colors have changed and the locks are different. Sudol explained:

“They used to be brown. They used to be longer.”

They eventually found where the lockers used to be, and then tied the knot in a small ceremony with their four children and three other family members. Both have done “the big wedding” and are just ready to finally be married. Gash said:

“We’ve known each other in our best of times and worst of times. We’ve known each other when we were the coolest we’ll every be and when we’ve stopped being cool.”


Gash and Sudol have come miles from their angsty teen relationship, and are the road to their very own happily ever after.

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