There’s never a dull moment with TLC reality show “Outdaugtered’s” Adam and Danielle Busby, the couple raising the only all-girl squad of quintuplets in the U.S.

And it’s not always easy to keep all those children straight, Adam admitted.

Two of their tiny tots — Ava and Olivia — happen to be twins, and in a recent video blog, Adam revealed that he sometimes mistakes one for the other. It seems many fans have the same struggle. Adam asked his gaggle of children:

“Do you know that some people can’t tell y’all apart?”

In the clip, Busby shares his little trick for keeping the two straight:

“Olivia’s face is a little more narrow than Ava’s and Ava’s face — Ava’s the big one.

Jokingly, he added to the camera:

“I’m sorry, Ava, I don’t want to give you a complex!”

But he insisted that Ava’s wide face sticks out from the rest of the pack:

“But Ava’s our big girl, and so her cheeks are a little fuller and her head’s a little rounder and she doesn’t like being talked about, huh?”

Olivia has some standout features of her own, Busby added, including curly hair and a defining birth mark on her head.

The reality dad, who recently opened up about his struggles with postpartum depression, explained that he’s trying to balance being a strict parent with some fun. He wrote in his blog, “I try to give them structure but also let them be silly soldiers as well.”

Though, according to Busby, it’s easy for his children to “get off the rails:”

“The quints are at such a fun age right now, where they love to laugh and just feed off of each other’s silliness. This day was no exception and things can go off the rails quickly with this group of girls.”

Watch the entire, light-hearted video below:

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