Mark Trocchio admits that there was a time he wouldn’t have done the right thing. Fortunately, he’s no longer the man he once was.

As WBZ News reports, Trocchio is a former Marine who now drives a shuttle bus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But he would be the first to say that he has changed a lot over the years.


At one time, Trocchio struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. Back then, he wasn’t as honest as he is today. However, Trocchio has been clean for 17 years, and that made all the difference for one family.

On Monday morning, Trocchio stopped his shuttle outside a Dunkin’ Donuts and headed inside to get coffee. Just outside the door, he found a purse on the ground and picked it up, wondering where the owner might be.

As he looked inside the purse for an ID, Trocchio discovered that the bag didn’t just have the usual complement of credit cards. It also contained $8,000 in cash and a set of airline tickets.

He didn’t know it at the time, but Trocchio was actually holding a woman’s dream vacation.

According to the TransAction Shuttles blog, the purse’s owner, Tina, was originally from East Boston, but has since moved to Georgia. Since her children were babies, Tina has been saving up to take the family on a vacation to her hometown. Her purse had their vacation funds, their tickets home … everything she needed for the trip.

Trocchio told WBZ it was a shock to look in the purse and see “a ton of money in there, like a ton of money.” He added that there was a time when he wouldn’t have looked for the owner:

“There was a time in my life when I would have never tried to give that back. But I’m just glad I’m over that hump.”

Thinking that the purse’s owner might have gone into the coffee shop, Trocchio went in and looked around. He didn’t have to be a detective to conclude that the crying woman who was being comforted by her kids in the corner of the restaurant might be the purse’s owner.

A few seconds later, Trocchio had reunited the owner and her bag. He told WBZ:

“I shouted out her name and she turned, and I knew it was her because I had her ID in my hand.”

Trocchio refused a reward and didn’t even give his name. His good deed only came to light after Tina saw the company name on his shuttle and called to tell them what he had done. She told the Transaction blog that Trocchio’s kind act “was a good example of what being a Bostonian is all about.”

Trocchio says he’s glad to could save the family’s vacation. He told WBZ that it feels good to put his past behind him and be the kind of person who does good deeds: “Just moving forward, doing the right thing.”

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