Popstar Pink and her husband, Motocross star Carey Hart, have been together for nearly half of their lives.

And as Hart expressed publicly on September 8, every year they’ve grown older together has been “amazing.” Also on September 8, Pink celebrated her 40th birthday.

In honor of her special day, Hart took to Instagram to share a few sweet words about his wife of 13 years, as well as a few photos of themselves over the years.

He wrote:

Welcome to 40 baby. I’ve celebrated 18 birthdays with you, and I can say it’s amazing growing up with you. The person you have grown into is inspiring. You have become a successful business woman, superstar, dedicated mother, Philanthropist, supportive wife, wine maker, motorcycle mama, and amazing friend to all around you. I’m so proud of the woman you have become, and you are more beautiful than ever. You truly are like wine. You just keep getting better, and I’m so lucky to be along on this crazy ride with you. I love you baby. Looking forward many many more birthdays with you. I can’t wait to see how nuts you and I are in our 80’s. Enjoy your day.

And while wishing Pink a Happy Birthday as well, fans praised Hart for his sweet words:

Love this so much! You two make such a beautiful couple! Happy Birthday, Alecia!

Awwww you guys are the best!! Happy Birthday Alecia! Keep having fun!

Beautiful message. I love your love!

You are going to be the most insane old folks.

Carey, you’re the luckiest man alive.

Shortly after the birthday messages rolled in, Pink took to social media herself to thank everyone for their kind words. She also let it be known that she’s loving being 40 years old.

The mom of two said:

THANK YOU FOR MY BDAY WISHES. I’m jumping for joy to be 40. I’m so f’ing into it. I love you all!

Happy Birthday, Pink.

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