Now that two of Kate and Jon Gosselin’s children have Instagram, fans just got a look into the family’s lives through their kids’ eyes.

Following twins, Mady and Cara’s, 18th birthday, Kate revealed that they both activated Instagram accounts.

And while Cara is keeping her’s private for the time being, Mady’s page is very much public, and it’s already causing a stir.

The photo Mady most recently posted shows seven of her eight siblings holding pumpkins for a fall photo:

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fall family pictures?? #tradition #7/8reunion?

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Mady captioned the picture:

Fall family pictures

She then included the hashtags “tradition” and “7/8 reunion,” emphasizing the fact that one of the sextuplets, Collin, still isn’t around.

Fans took to the comment section to discuss how grown up the Gosselin kids are, but also how they wish Collin was still a part of their family traditions:

Beautiful kids

Lovely photo too bad it’s not complete

Y’all just cut your bother [out] of your lives too. Geez

A Family tradition would be the WHOLE family (all the siblings) regardless of the situation or circumstances one must always bring unity to the family and never ever leave anyone out. Sad, Sad, Sad

Some even pointed out Hannah’s presences, after reports have suggested that she now lives with dad, Jon, while her other siblings live with Kate:

Hannah’s back

Love seeing Hannah! Thanks for posting, Mady!

Kate also commented on her daughter’s photo to say:

Awww Mad! Just saw this! What a fun time we had together today! I love you all so so much!

Collin is believed to still be institutionalized.

News first broke that Collin was sent to a place that would help him be the best him he can be in 2016. Kate revealed that same year that Collin has been struggling with certain learning disabilities.

Other than that, Kate has been pretty tight-lipped about her son. However, fans got a look at Collin back in May when Jon and Hannah went to visit him for the sextuplets’ birthday:

It remains unclear when Collin will move back in with his family.

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One Reply to “Mady Gosselin Shares Photo of Fall Family Tradition. Her Caption Makes It Obvious They Are Still Missing One”

  • Catherine 2 years ago

    What kind of institute did Collin get sent to? He seems perfectly normal! I don’t understand how a mom could do that to her own son.

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