Molly Higgins is a 23-year-old blonde bombshell from Los Angeles, who boasts an impressive following on social media and a modeling contract.

But not long ago, she was so worried about what others thought of her appearance that she’d become suicidal, she told the Daily Mail.

Higgins had her right hand amputated after birth due to a medical condition in the womb. Her left hand was left intact, but sustained severe damage.

Molly Higgins/Instagram

She said that being labeled as “disabled” helped build her as a stronger person. Higgins told the Daily Mail:

“From the beginning I had to learn how to do everything differently – there was no one else to look to for guidance, or to teach me, which made me fiercely independent and headstrong.”

But having a “different” appearance took its toll on her confidence.

Higgins only wore long-sleeved shirts so she could cover her hands, and worried about people’s opinion of her every “single moment” of the day, Metro reports.

She said:

“I was in a deep depression that I didn’t and couldn’t confront for the majority of my life. I was bullied, dreamt of suicide, and was really angry about the circumstances I was placed in.”

But over time, Higgins started to realize that she should cherish the life she was given, and her confidence slowly started to grow.

Molly Higgins/Instagram

Higgins began to post photos of herself on Instagram, where she kept people updated on her journey to self-confidence.

She now has more than 6,000 followers and ditched her long-sleeved shirts for a swimsuit modeling contract, she shared on Instagram.

Higgins wrote on another Instagram:

At the end of it all, no one knows you like you know you. So start to try become best friends with yourself, trust yourself and your path.

The model said she still struggles with some self-confidence issues when she looks in the mirror, but no longer gives those thoughts “validity.”

She hopes her story will help inspire others on their own journeys.

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