Toward the beginning of September, the state of Florida was pummeled by Hurricane Irma. The storm flooded roadways, ruined homes, and caused thousands to lose power.

Now, as people and families begin the daunting task of recovering from Irma, some parents are discovering an unwanted bug being brought into their homes through their kids.

According to ABC 15, a Tampa mom named Lowelle was blowing out her daughter’s hair the morning of her 13th birthday, when she noticed something.

She explained to ABC 15:

“Presley, I’m a little worried you might have head lice.”

Presley was heartbroken that on the first day of her teenage years, she would have to miss school in order to get a lice removal treatment at a salon called “Lice Away Today.”

The owner of the salon, Michelle Cherry, called the head lice a “crisis,” adding that since Hurricane Irma hit, she’s never been busier:

“Irma had lice.”

Cherry then added that “any time that you have lots of people together in small spaces,” such as the rescue shelters, lice has an easier time spreading from head to head.

Now it is believed that lice has grown resistant to most over-the-counter treatments.

However, as Dr. Patrick Mularoni at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital tells ABC 13, if you don’t have a “Lice Away Salon” or other at-home services near you, there is still an easy, inexpensive way to get rid of head lice.

All you need is olive oil and a nit comb:

Soak the hair in olive oil and carefully comb out the nits. Then apply more olive oil and sleep in a shower cap overnight. Make sure your child is old enough to safely wear a shower cap while sleeping. In the morning, shower with dish soap to cut the grease.

ABC 15 adds that, in order to help your child avoid getting head lice from another child at school, remind them to avoid sharing hats, headphones, or hair ties, and to avoid head contact while taking selfies.

Watch the story from ABC 15 below.

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