For years, the public believed that Gypsy Rose Blanchard, 26, was a sickly girl under the care of her loving mother.

Until 2015, when Missouri mom Dee Dee Blanchard was found stabbed to death in her bed. Gypsy and her boyfriend, whom she’d met online, were arrested for the killing.

Chillicothe Correctional Center

According to Newsweek, Dee Dee suffered from a mental illness called Munchausen by proxy (MSBP), which causes a person to feign the poor health of another.

The mother forced her daughter to use a wheelchair even though she was able-bodied. She also claimed that Gypsy had a number of debilitating illnesses, from epilepsy to leukemia.

Gypsy claimed Dee Dee beat her with a coat hanger and closely monitored her online life, Fox News reports.

The mother also made sure her daughter wasn’t able to develop a close relationship with her father, Rod Blanchard.

Eventually, the restrictive lifestyle pushed Gypsy to kill her mother with the help of her boyfriend, Nicholas Paul Godejohn. They were arrested the following day.

However, Rod said his ex-wife should have seen the murder coming due to her poor treatment of Gypsy. He told Fox News:

“She was just a bad mother. You can call it Munchausen by proxy or whatever, but you can’t keep somebody like that all their lives. It’s just part of nature, to want to be free. If you think you can manipulate someone all their lives and for them not to bite back at one point when they had enough, then you’re completely mistaken. I think she asked for what she got.”

The father said he wishes he knew what was going on behind closed doors but was always under the impression that his daughter was actually disabled. He said:

“Never had any inkling that she was abusive. I don’t know, she was pretty good at hiding that part. And Gypsy was scared to say anything. She really didn’t know what to think of me as much as we did stay in touch a little bit. She still didn’t feel confident that she could let me know what was going on.”

Rod said Dee Dee kept him at a safe distance and even seemed to get nervous about his phone calls with their daughter.

Gypsy is now serving a 10-year prison sentence for second-degree murder at Chillicothe Correctional Center.

Surprisingly, Rod said their relationship is better than ever.

“It’s a hundred times better, honestly. We email each other. She can call me anytime and she does. I’m keeping tabs on all of her accomplishments in school. She’s getting her GED. … It’s wonderful. I can’t wait for her to get out so we can build on that foundation that we started here.”

However, the two seem to disagree over whether or not Dee Dee “asked for what she got.” Gypsy said on “Dr. Phil” that she now feels guilty about the murder.

“She didn’t deserve what happened. If anything, she just deserved to be where I am.”

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7 Replies to “Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Dad Says He Can’t Fault Her for Killing ‘Bad Mom’ Who Made Her Feign Illness”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I think she got what she deserved

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    I think she got what she deserved

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The daughter got what she deserved. A prison sentence. As for getting her GED, she can’t leave Chillicothe Correctional Institute unless she gets it. Maybe her Dad should been more involved in his daughters life years ago and a terrible tragedy might have been avoided.

  • Lea 1 year ago

    Seriously? The daughter deserved it?? She is abused and brainwashed, her mind never allowed to develop normally, and her drs failed her by not seeing she didn’t have an illness; and she was just supposed to walk away without her mother doing whatever she could to keep her locked up?? The daughter didn’t deserve a prison sentence at ALL, she needed therapy to undo the years of abuse and medical torture she endured her entire life.

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  • Cassandra RANDOLPH 1 year ago

    Dee Dee alienates the dad from his child. I think its unfortunate. I dont believe that the boyfriend should get life. I think he was roped into something he didnt fully understand. I feel like the drs. Should all lose their medical license. Just changing the state for insurance money. Let them children go. They been through enough

  • […] Missouri woman serving 10 years in prison for her role in killing her mom, Dee Dee Blanchard, in 2015, recounted the days she and her then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn began […]

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