When cooking a holiday meal for your family, things can get a bit overwhelming trying to make multiple dishes at once.

Thursday on “The Rachael Ray Show,” guest chef, Jacques Pepin helped eliminate that stress by sharing four delicious, “five-ingredient” recipes that are perfect for any holiday get-together.

The Racheal Ray Show

While on the show, Pepin whipped up a smoked ham glazed with maple syrup, a Camembert with pistachio crust, broiled maple sweet potatoes, and a green salad with mustard dressing.

And as expected, Pepin seemed right at home in Racheal’s kitchen — maybe even a little too comfortable.

While slicing up his ham for the host to try, Pepin realized he had a bit of the maple syrup glaze on his fingers. Instead of running to the sink to wash it off, Pepin decided it would be easier just to lick it off.

He then went right over to the salad to start mixing it up with his hands.

Rachael was quick to comment on Pepin not using any utensils:

“He just sticks his hands right in there. … He says, ‘Just with your fingers.’ Tongs, shongs. Who needs them?”

Dearly asked Facebook users if they thought it was OK for people to use their hands to prepare food, and many said it was, as long as the person preparing the food kept it sanitary:

Always wash hands before and after handling food.

We made sure our hands were washed and always prepared our food with no hand coverings, and still do it that way. What would you use if not your hands?

It’s the government that forces people to wear gloves, for good reason. It’s different for family.

Wash them first… You are good.

The govt is in enough of my business! I wash several times as I prepare a meal. If someone doesn’t trust my judgment on cleanliness, let them eat elsewhere. Commercial food prep is a different matter, gloves should be worn.

As long as they wash their hands and the utensils often then it is fine. Some people think as long as they have gloves on then they don’t have to change, that is how cross contamination happens. People have used their hands for millions of years, why stop now just make sure they wash.

However, there were some who thought utensils should be used:

Don’t lick fingers and give me food.

Gloves or utensils

Now, in the comfort of your own home, using your hands to put a meal together is something most people are guilty of. But would you dare to do it on a live national broadcast and lick your fingers clean in the process?

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