In a new video shared by Granger Smith on his YouTube channel, the father continued to talk about his late son, River Kelly, who passed away three weeks ago in a drowning accident.

Smith began the video by saying he was on his way to the “Yee Yee farm” like he’s done so many other times before, including the day River passed away. He added that while he’d rather not be in front of the camera as he continues to grieve, he intends on using the videos to hold himself accountable for spreading only positivity.

However, perhaps the most poignant thing Smith said in this particular video is that their number one priority right now is “keeping up with the kids because we were all there”:

“The night of the accident, I was with all three kids and we were all in the backyard. London and I were playing gymnastics, the boys were playing water gun fight. The events that happened took — and this is really important to understand for everyone, especially parents — this whole thing took roughly thirty seconds. We have a pool gate, we have a fence that we built as soon as we moved to this house, we built a fence with a child lock on the gate. So yes, we take that very seriously.”

Smith continued to say that he’s gone through the sequence of events in his head a million times and that there was a series of events that took place that he described “as virtually impossible”:

“River found a way to accomplish the impossible several times. How he got in there, we have some theories. But as far as the kids know, we are telling them that River was a smart kid and he figured out how to get into a child lock gate.

The other really important thing to talk about, and I know I’ll talk about this more in months and years to come, is how quiet this whole thing happened. It was silence. I was 15-feet from this gate which is something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

The country singer also revealed that River was a swimmer, saying, “He swam every day. He was around that pool every single day of a long Texas summer.”

Smith said the reason he was opening up so much about the events that transpired that day was that “it feels good to talk about it” and because he really wants people to understand that “you have to love those around you today, right now”:

“The impossible does happen. The impossible scenarios can happen, we just don’t know. That all being said, the two kids being there with me when this happened, I’d say they are doing really good.”

All-in-all, Smith said he plans to remain open with the public about his journey because he wants River’s legacy to be remembered.

Watch Smith’s full video below:

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