In June, country singer Granger Smith and actress Amber Smith lost their youngest son River in a drowning accident at their home in Texas.

As Dearly previously reported, Granger explained how the accident happened in a YouTube video last month. He explained that he and his three children were all outside when everything happened quickly and quietly:

“The night of the accident, I was with all three kids and we were all in the backyard. London and I were playing gymnastics, the boys were playing water gunfight. The events that happened took — and this is really important to understand for everyone, especially parents — this whole thing took roughly thirty seconds. […] River found a way to accomplish the impossible several times. How he got in there, we have some theories. But as far as the kids know, we are telling them that River was a smart kid and he figured out how to get into a child lock gate.

The other really important thing to talk about, and I know I’ll talk about this more in months and years to come, is how quiet this whole thing happened. It was silence. I was 15-feet from this gate which is something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Now, the couple has decided to leave the home where River passed away behind and move their family elsewhere.

In a new YouTube video, Granger explained that when he and Amber initially bought the home, they thought it would be where they would stay and raise their family for a long time.

But when the accident happened, the feeling in their home changed and the one terrible memory outweighed all the good:

“After the accident with River, it changed the way it felt there. There was a lot of, thousands of really good memories there, and one really bad one. […] My number one priority is the wellbeing of the other two kids. And I don’t think I was totally myself at the old house. Amber probably wasn’t either. We’re a family of faith so we prayed about it. And felt very compelled to make this move. We were able to sell quickly, great family coming in. I feel like this is God’s plan and it’s hard to say that because I can’t understand this plan, but it does feel like there are pieces of it that do make a lot of sense.”

Later in the video, Amber explained in her own words what the move means to her.

She explained that ever since River’s passing, she felt like she’s been in survivor mode. But it was on the day that they moved out of their home that it all finally began to hit her:

“We have so many memories of River and our family [here]. This is really hard. So many times we’ve played in this playroom and now we have to go.”

As Granger later explained, the house that they are leaving was the house they purchased shortly after he lost his dad. He added that buying the home was almost like a way of grieving that loss and now they’re leaving it in search of something better.

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