Dave Hansen loves his 26-year-old daughter Lacey Christenson. That’s why he called the police to search her house for drugs and place her behind bars.

Earlier this week, Dearly reported that Christenson and her 29-year old husband, Colby Wilde, were arrested and charged with distribution of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone, possession by use of heroin and methamphetamine, endangerment of a child, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Someone had tipped off the police that they were using drugs around their four children in their home in Elk Ridge, Utah.

According to a press release from Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Christenson and Wilde allegedly placed pain killer Suboxone their newborn baby’s gums hours after she was born to mask the symptoms of drug addiction at the hospital.

The baby tested positive for heroin, morphine, and methamphetamine. Two of her other children also tested positive for methamphetamine.


Hansen recently told KUTV that he was the one to call the police on his daughter when he learned she had drugs in her home:

“As a grandparent, I felt like it was my obligation. You may call it tough love, tough love so be it. If they want to be mad at me or whatever so be it, I don’t care.”

He also told KUTV that he’d rather visit his daughter in prison than in a cemetery:

“She’s made a terrible, terrible mistake and I’m just hoping she can understand this mistake and correct it.”


Sadly, this story of infant drug addiction is more common than you might think.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of babies born addicted to drugs has increased from around 2,920 in 2000 to 21,732 in 2012. Babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) tend to show signs of withdrawal around 48-72 hours after birth.

Some of the symptoms of NAS can include:

  • Tremors and seizures
  • Irritability, high-pitched crying, and excessive sleep disturbances
  • Sweating and temperature fluctuations
  • Poor feeding, undernourishment, and poor weight gain

Informants have told police officers that parents of drug-addicted babies sometimes crush up pain killers to hide signs of addiction from hospitals. Christenson and Wilde later admitted to asking friends about masking NAS signs before going to the hospital.

The couple had been arrested earlier in the month regarding a theft at Walmart. Police found drugs in their house after the first search warrant. Hansen’s call prompted the second search warrant and additional charges.

Hansen claims that Christenson was an honor roll student at her high school before she got involved in drugs.

The grandpa says that he sincerely hopes that after his daughter serves her time, she will work hard to become the young woman he once knew.

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