Tinney Davidson

For years, Tinney Davidson passed out friendly waves and good wishes to the students who walked by her house every morning. Now, she knows how much it meant to them.

As WTNH News reports, the 88-year-old grandmother from Comox, British Columbia started the tradition back in 2007.

Every day, she would wave to the young men and women who walked by on their way to Highland Secondary School. After a while, the students started waving back. Davidson told CHEK News:

“I just liked the look of the children and they all looked in and I thought if they’re looking in, I’ll wave to them and that’s how it started.”

According to CBC News, Davidson kept on waving for the next decade, even after her husband passed away. In 2016, the grateful students decorated her house with hearts for Valentine’s Day and delivered cards to her.

The connection between Davidson and the students may be based on a simple wave, but it goes much deeper.

“It’s really brightened up all of our days every time we walked by here,” one student explained to CHEK.

So when they learned that Davidson would be moving out of her home and into an assisted living facility, the students decided to show her how much her waves meant to them.

On April 25, approximately 400 students walked to Davidson’s house. They held flowers and handmade signs as they crowded onto the lawn to thank the grandmother and say goodbye. After she opened the door, they counted down from three and blew her a kiss.

Davidson was overwhelmed by the students’ gesture. Several students stopped by to tell Davidson how much she meant to them as she sat and thanked them.

“I was shocked again that there are so many kids that wanted to say goodbye to me,” she told CHEK. “I think I’ve connected very well with them, it’s been fun.”

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