Celebrating the birth of her grandchild wasn’t on Rhiannon Stoneham’s mind — she was more worried about something else in the delivery room.

Stoneham’s daughter, Alexis Buller, gave birth on July 3 in Caldwell, Idaho. Shortly after, the grandma was seen leaving the hospital cradling something in her arms. But it wasn’t the baby.

According to KIVI in Boise, Idaho, she was carrying a black plastic bag filled with her daughter’s placenta and the baby’s umbilical cord.

When hospital staff discovered vials were missing along with the placenta and umbilical cord, they checked the surveillance video and saw the woman:

“Conceal something in her arms and walk out of the hospital to a vehicle and leave the scene.”

The New York Post reports that the grandmother didn’t take them for sentimental reasons. Instead, she was trying to cover up any evidence that could prove her daughter had drugs in her system.

Suspicious doctors ordered testing for the new mom when it appeared that she had been using drugs, but Buller’s mother did not want to let that happen, so she attempted to get rid of the items outside of the hospital.

Screenshot/NY Post

Police were waiting for Rhiannon and her husband, Kevin Stoneham, when they returned to the hospital.

The grandmother told police she did it because she was afraid the baby would be taken away, claiming she thought her daughter’s friend spiked her drink during a visit to buy marijuana. She said her daughter told her she felt like she was high on meth before giving birth.

Kevin told police he saw his wife looking panicked, and she asked him to:

“Take the bag with the placenta out of the room.”

The grandmother admitted to throwing out the trash bag with the umbilical cord and placenta inside of it in a dumpster behind a Jack in the Box restaurant. She told officers she thought she could have them since they were from her daughter.

The husband and wife were both charged in the bizarre crime.

Stoneham was charged with felony destruction of evidence and Kevin was charged for felony aiding and abetting destruction of evidence.

The baby is now in the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

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