On June 13, authorities found 62-year-old Shelley Lovin Heafner, the grandmother who was accused of abducting her eight-month-old granddaughter two days prior.

Not only were Heafner and her granddaughter found, but according to WSB-TV, Heafner was ultimately given custody of the child. 

As Dearly previously reported, Heafner’s daughter, Rebecca Lynn Stanley, requested that a police officer accompany her to pick the little girl up from the grandmother’s house on June 11. 

But Heafner took her granddaughter and disappeared before the police officer and Stanley arrived. Heafner had learned that her granddaughter’s father, who had recently been released from jail, would be accompanying Stanley during the pick up and that “did not sit well” with her.

According to WSOC, Heafner had been caring for the eight-month-old girl since June 6 so that Stanley could work.

After Lincoln County, North Carolina police were able to locate Heafner and the child, the abduction charge against the 62-year-old was dropped.

A local judge also issued an emergency custody order, giving Heafner custody of the girl, according to WSB-TV.

Details surrounding the judge’s decision to give the grandmother custody just hours after she was accused of abducting her granddaughter are not known at this time.

WBTV reporter Maureen O’Boyle wrote, in part:

We want to make sure people see this MAJOR update!! Many of you had commented that this didn’t seem right. A judge agrees with you.

Lincoln County deputies told WBTV:

“The child is safe and still in the care of the grandmother.”

Authorities said that they do not anticipate any other charges in this particular case.

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