In March, KDFA reported that a three-year-old boy from Amarillo, Texas was in critical condition after he was found inside a home with a gunshot wound in his head.

The March 10th incident left the boy with life-threatening injuries. 


Now a month later, the little boy’s grandma is speaking to KDFA to issue a warning to other gun-owning parents. Penny Clark told KDFA that she was left speechless the night her grandson was shot in the head accidentally.

According to Clark, her son was getting his gun ready to go shooting with a friend. When the plans were cancelled, the boy’s father sat the gun on the table, made dinner for his children, and “accidentally fell asleep.”

As Clark explained, her grandson eventually found the gun that was sitting on the table, grabbed it, and shot himself point blank.


The grandmother said the imprint of the barrel on the little boy’s forehead was visible.

Despite the trauma he has been though, her grandson has shown grit throughout this entire process. Clark said:

“I just wanted him to know Grandma was proud of him. The way he has worked at everything, the way he has progressed, the way that he’s let everybody do things that he’s let them do. I mean, ’cause he could have been a little stinker and fought them tooth and nail…but he follows through right with them when they tell him to do something.”

As for how this incident could have been prevented, Clark told KDFA that she has a message for all the parents out there:

“What I want to enforce is everybody to please, if you own a gun, put a trigger lock on it. Because that right there, if he would have done that, that would have stopped the whole thing.” 

Clark added that she is grateful to have all seven of her grandchildren still with her:

“I have seven grandkids. I love each and every one of them. This has made me realize I live by that. [I] don’t let them leave without a hug and a kiss and ‘I love you.’ Well, sometimes they’re lucky if they get two hugs and kisses and ‘I love you.'”

Thankfully, the little boy continues to improve each day. The grandma’s latest update revealed that her grandson has learned how to talk again:

Well since the last update, he has learned to talk with the trach in. His father was in the room with him the other night and he started talking to him and I could hear Brantley answering him. I asked my son to keep him talking and he just kept talking away carrying a conversation. My son finally put him on the phone with me and I was balling. I tried not to let Brantley know that I was crying but to hear [him] say I love you, Grandma and I miss you, I know I got my Brantley back, my sweet little man.

A YouCaring page has been set up to help pay for her grandson’s medical expenses.

You can watch Clark’s full 25 minute interview below:

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