On September 9, 2011, Marjorie Zarbaugh’s mother bought a dress from Macy’s in hopes of someday giving it to a granddaughter.

She kept the tags on the dress and tucked it away for safekeeping.

Years later, Zarbaugh became pregnant with a baby girl and was given the dress as a baby shower gift, ABC Action News reports.

But it wasn’t until she looked at the tags after her daughter’s birth that she noticed a special coincidence, Zarbaugh wrote in a Facebook post.

Her daughter, Madelynn, was born seven years to the day after her mother purchased the dress. The new mom was stunned and brought to tears.

Marjorie Zarbaugh/Facebook

The mother wrote:

This is too good not to share! My mom gave me a gift at our gender reveal party. She had bought this little dress years before hoping she’d have a granddaughter one day. I thought it was cool so I kept the tags on. Tonight I snapped this picture to remember it before cutting the tags off to wash the dress. When I sent the picture to my mom I noticed something, she bought the dress on Madelynn’s BIRTHDAY 7 years prior. How do you explain that! Tears, happy tears.

The grandmother had written on the receipt, “Look how long I’ve had this?”

Zarbaugh said that she’s glad she decided to take a second look at the tags and not cut them off, because “had [she] done that we would have never known.”

The mother added, “It was meant to be.”

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2 Replies to “Grandma Buys Baby Dress Hoping For Granddaughter. She Gets Her Wish 7 Years Later to the Day”

  • Michelle Connolly 2 years ago

    During years of fertility treatment I avoided even LOOKING at baby items. Inexplicably I bought a set of 2 pacifiers – a blue and a pink in the same package. Then hid the purchase in my drawer. A year to the day on the receipt I learned I was pregnant with twins – and one of each! 18 years later it’s pretty close to the date today as I read this! ❤️

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