On Tuesday, 39-year-old actress Kate Hudson welcomed her first baby girl.

As Dearly reported, the new bundle of joy is her first child with longtime boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, 38.

The happy couple named her “Rani (pronounced Ronnie),” after Fujikawa’s father, she said in the birth announcement.

Rani is Hudson’s third child and joins her two sons from past relationships, Ryder, 14, and Bingham, 6.

Now, Hudson’s mother, 72-year-old Goldie Hawn, is giving out some advice for the new mom of three.

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In an interview with People, Hawn said that being a good mom is about doing your best:

“We do the best we can as mothers. Certainly, as a mother, I’ve made mistakes. We all do, we all will. But the most important thing is to stay authentic and true to yourself and hope that you show by example, not by what you say but by what you do.”

Hawn thinks her daughter has a similar mindset to her when it comes to raising kids. The mom and grandma said:

“We hope our children will amplify the best part of us. I’m proud of my daughter. She has become a spokesperson herself for children’s wellness, for happiness, all the things that she grew up with.”

The 72-year-old said she never worried about being a “role model” for anyone and chose to live by her own standards. She said that’s a “wonderful attribute” that she passed onto her own children.

Hawn said welcoming a new baby is an “unbelievable” moment for her daughter because motherhood is so special:

“We’re so lucky to be girls because we carry the baby. It’s amazing. You got this life, it’s growing inside you, and then you give it out to the world. We like to say, ‘Oh, this is mine.’ That’s fine, but it’s really one of the things that we help nurture. It just gives you so much happiness. I mean, it’s crazy.”

Even though parenting can sometimes drive you “crazy,” Hawn said moms should “just focus on the joy of being able to do this at all.”

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