Media star and former NFL football player Michael Strahan made a name for himself in television as the host of “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” where he worked alongside talk show veteran Kelly Ripa for four years.

In 2016, Strahan abruptly left the show and now showcases his lively personality on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

But the host was noticeably missing from the morning show on Tuesday.

Instead, fans got their morning news and reality show gossip from co-hosts Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Lara Spencer.

All seemed to be going according to plan, until an awkward moment caught the hosts off-guard, and revealed why Strahan was mysteriously missing from Tuesday’s broadcast.


As “Good Morning America” returned from a commercial break, Roberts appeared to be speaking with Spencer and unaware that the cameras were rolling.

Though the audience couldn’t hear what they were saying, Roberts seemed to think that they could. And her face said it all…


Instead of carrying on with the broadcast, Roberts went into what seemed to be an unplanned explanation as to why Strahan wasn’t on the show.

It turns out that the star was actually suffering from minor injury, which her co-host may have been asking about when the show returned from break.

She pointed at Spencer and stuttered:

“You were just asking, Micheal is away. He had a slight injury. He’s fine, he’s going to be great. But you were just asking…”


Spencer then cut in and gave some well-wishes to the former football star, who missed their segment on dog adoptions. She said:

“I was wondering where is my pal? He loves dogs. It’s all about the dogs today. We love you, Michael.”

After again confirming that Strahan would be “fine,” Roberts admitted that producers were yelling at her to get back on track. She said:

“Producers are yelling at me in my ear…Welcome back to ‘GMA’ everyone!”

It’s unclear what sort of injury Strahan is suffering from — he has yet to address the issue on social media. It’s possible the host was trying to keep the injury under wraps until his co-hosts’ accidental slip.

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