Popular Texas hunter Kendall Jones is best known for proudly displaying her controversial kills, from rare lions to elephants.

The glamorous cheerleader, dubbed “hunter babe” by some, first made headlines in 2014 when she became the youngest person to hunt down the Big Five African beasts, according to the Sun.

The “Big Five” list includes animals like the African Black Rhino, which the World Wildlife Fund currently lists as critically endangered.

And now, Jones is encouraging the younger generation to take part in the sport, too.

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Posted by Kendall Jones on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

According to Metro, Jones has been encouraging parents to submit photos of their children’s “first kills” as part of her “Cute Little Hunter” competition.

The 22-year-old hunter has received more than 2,000 submissions for her competition, featuring photos of children with everything from deer to bears.

Many proudly show the child smiling next to the oftentimes bleeding, dead animal.

Jones picks her favorite photos from the submissions and posts them to her Facebook page, which has almost a million followers, the Daily Mail reported.

Jones first started the competition two years ago, with submissions for the contest still going strong.

Alongside one viral photo of a young girl enthusiastically holding up the head of dead buck, the hunter wrote:

Does is get (sic) any better than this?!

Many fans of the sport have applauded the 22-year-old, but many on social media have negative opinions about her decision to encourage children to hunt.

Some Facebook users wrote:

Teaching children to kill. And to be proud of taking the life of one of God’s creatures. She should be so proud of herself, proving that she can be everything a woman shouldn’t be a cold, crass killer.

Not impressed, she should be teaching these children to love and care for animals.

What a sad way to raise your kids show respect and your kids will too and be better adults

Demented adults teaching their offspring to be demented as well.

But Jones has said in the past that she’s prepared to take the criticism — just don’t come for the kids.

On one photo of a child she posted to her Facebook page, the hunter wrote:

I really am sad for anyone that would have something negative to say about any young hunter that is hunting legally with their family. Take it somewhere else. Talk about me all you want but don’t bully my fans.

Regardless of who the hate is directed towards, it doesn’t look like Jones plans on changing anytime soon.

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