Four newly minted 21-year-olds from Milwaukee said they felt extremely violated during a trip to Chicago over the weekend.

The group’s fun girls vacation took a scary turn when they found a small camera pointing directly at one of the young women just before checkout.

CBS Chicago

One of the four friends told CBS Chicago that she discovered a shiny object facing the direction of her bed at Club Quarters Hotel. Angela Marek said:

“I quickly brushed the curtains aside, and noticed something shiny out of the corner of my eye, and I bent down to look at it, and it was a little camera.

It was standing up, with the lens facing outwards, pointing towards our bed and the rest of room.”

Marek believed she had found a small hidden camera inside her hotel room — one that could be operated remotely. She recalled:

“I started thinking Wi-Fi, does this camera have Wi-Fi? Can someone remotely see this through their phone. We don’t know.

We could be exposed, and we don’t know.”

Kaitlyn Kurudza, one of the girls on the trip, said they felt violated:

“This is something that’s very traumatic, especially for the day and age we are in right now.

Four young girls that are freshly 21 are going out to new city, they don’t really know what they’re doing or where we are going.”

Marek added:

“Now we feel incredibly uncomfortable, like it’s an invasion of privacy. 

It just makes you feel gross, and uncomfortable …”

The group of young women didn’t know for sure if a previous guest had left the recording device behind but wanted to immediately report their concerns to management.

CBS Chicago

Marek said:

“I didn’t feel like we were being taken seriously.”

The girls felt dismissed by hotel staff and felt compelled to call 911.

At the time, police could not determine if the device was recording during the time of their stay.

Club Quarters spokesperson Heny Gabay said in an emailed statement that the hotel is cooperating with the investigation:

The Hotel Staff on duty immediately recommended that the police be called, and the Hotel Manager was immediately notified, met with the guests who made the complaint, and spoke to the police. We have an electronic security system in place and have provided information from this system to the police.

Club Quarters said it’s taking the situation seriously and:

… considers the safety and privacy of our guests to be of the utmost importance.

Although the hotel refunded the women’s money, they wanted to share their experience to alert others after the incident.

According to Smarter Travel, it’s a horrifying trend for guests to find hidden recording devices in their hotel room or vacation rental. To stay protected, check hotel rooms for hidden cameras to have complete privacy.

However, in a recent update, authorities revealed that the “camera was inadvertently left in the room by a previous guest.”

Authorities found no evidence that suggested the camera was used to “photograph or record the women in the room.”

Watch the video below:

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