It’s terrible that children today have to deal with bomb threats and school shootings, said the parents of an Odyssey Charter School student.

A Delaware mom is having a hard time shaking off a gut-wrenching experience after two of her children were involved in a school bomb threat.

Recently, Shelley Harrison Reed was brought to tears when she saw a little piece of her 7-year-old’s innocence “stolen away” after a school lockdown.

Shelley told  The Hill on February 7, her daughter was attending class at the Wilmington elementary school when officials declared a lockdown in response to a bomb threat made to the building.

Her 7-year-old, Vanessa, hid in her classroom and her 10-year-old brother, Sean, was also on campus. Shelley said her daughter wrote a chilling note to her parents at the time of the incident.

However, it wasn’t until the little girl was home and was changing out of her uniform that her mother noticed something written on her arm.

So my kids school had a genuine lockdown today. Some whack job called in a bomb threat ?? Police came and everything…

Posted by Shelley Harrison Reed on Thursday, February 7, 2019

A note was written in marker and read:

“Love mom and dad.”

Shelley said the heartbreaking message really hit a nerve and she shared it with other parents on Facebook.

The mom wrote the message after her children made it home from school safely. She told The Hill she wasn’t expecting the post to go viral. Shelley wrote:

So my kid’s school had a genuine lockdown today. Some whack job called in a bomb threat. Police came and everything was fine, Thank God!”

It wasn’t until later when Vanessa was changing out of her school uniform that I saw this on her arm.

She continued:

I say to her, why did you write that on your arm? She says, in case the bad guy got to us and I got killed, you and daddy would know that I love you, and she started to cry.

The mother said she was “crushed and brought to tears” and took to Facebook to express her sadness after taking time to process the classroom incident.

Posted by Shelley Harrison Reed on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shelley said:

“I was just simply posting my emotions when it happened and I wanted to share that, as I said in the post, with the other moms that had gone through that, that day.”

Parents on social media were equally disturbed by the event and expressed their frustration and fears on social media. One commenter wrote:

 I’m crying just reading this … terrible.

Another said:

Breaks my heart. My 15-year-old son says he has created an escape plan for every one of his classes in the event of an active shooter. I broke down in tears that my beautiful son worries about that rather than girls and sports and all the fun stuff teens should think about. God Bless her.

Shelley said it feels like her family got a punch to the gut following the threat of school violence. Her husband Jeff Reed told Today:

“I teared up, because I’m ‘Daddy,’ I am the one who keeps her safe. She’s Daddy’s girl. That was a moment where I realized I had no control over her safety outside of my home.”

The children’s New Castle County school has offered therapy to students deeply affected by the bomb threat, according to Yahoo.

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6 Replies to “Girl Writes Heartbreaking Note to Parents on Arm During School Lockdown in Case ‘the Bad Guy Got to Us’”

  • RICK jOHNSON 2 years ago

    Please remember that people are still coming to America to flee from violence far worse than what we have experienced in this country. It is sad that children have to live with fear of violence, but it is an opportunity to teach about why we need laws and why we need those who enforce laws and all those who serve us when we need help. It is also a good time to remember those in other parts of the world who are living in fear every single day as well as those who are in prison for their beliefs. If you need to be reminded about how great America is, ask someone who has come here from another country why they chose to come to America.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    We need to do all we can to bring Love, Light, and Truth back to this world before we pass the point of no return. This isn’t about “gun control” – it’s about self-control. As a country we’ve become so consumed with our external lives that we’ve failed miserably at cleaning up the inside – our minds, mouths, hearts, character, and souls. Let’s all come together and focus our efforts on that for a change and these problems will stop. Let’s stop worrying so much about cleaning up the planet and starting doing what’s necessary to clean up our act and the sin in our own lives, which is the SOURCE of all of these problems. Then we’ll be making progress. Then we’ll have something to be happy about. Then we’ll be celebrating. Then we won’t be reading articles like this. So sorry they had to go through this trauma. Glad no one was hurt. God bless.

    • valentine schindler 2 years ago

      you are so very right. i just wish it were that easy. its to bad that theee isnt some way to reach these sick individuals and get them the help they need. maybe parents and family could also pay closer attention to there love ones and notice when something is wrong or when they express there is something is wrong that you try to do something to help so they dont or feel like they have to take things into there own hands. i just ask the question WHY INNOCENT people and children for? i am pleading with yous to get the help you need or reach out to someone for help there is people out there. you need someone to just talk to that will listen and wont judge please call me or message me i will be there for you when you need. please dont turn to violence or anything else it is not the answer and it will not get you anywhere. person here for you call 920 9053289 and just mention you read my comment. god bless and hopefully you get help.

  • Anonymous2 2 years ago

    As long as they come legally.

  • sm 2 years ago

    Of course this is heart-breaking. It is an inexcusable fact that there are crazy people with guns whose only aim is to either gain some sort of twisted fame for themselves, or cause other’s heartbreak-or both still manage to pull off unspeakable acts. That schools are “gun-free” areas just plays into this scenario, one that has been repeated too many times. That we face this in America, because, in part of our freedoms, is both unthinkable and unacceptable. However, taking away arms that are in the hands of every individual is not what we need, just better (much better) prevention of these things getting into the wrong hands There are countries around the world for which this is normal folks (Israel faces civilian threats every, single day, parts of Africa and other places as well). Let’s not let it be the norm for our great country.

  • valentine schindler 2 years ago

    it breaks my heart seeing this stuff going on all over the place. this has happened by us as well. i seen what your daughter did and imagined how she must of felt and how i would of felt being that beautiful girls parents and just started crying. i cried through the whole story it is just so heart breaking the way the world is now. it is heart breaking knowing that we are suppose to be there to protect them but when they are somewhere you figured they should be safe there is no protecting them. i am thankful that your littles are safe. i am so proud of your littles. she seems to be one amazing little girl to think of writing something like that on her arm for yous in the middle of something so devestating. i am glad that everything turned out good. god bless. from a mother to a mother and father.

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